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New 152 roadside pedestal dust bins to be put up

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The Belagavi city corporation plans to install 152 new single pole pedestal dustbins and for the same has floated a tender of Rs.19,00,000, which makes the cost of each dustbin to be around 12500.

dustbins-bgmIn January 2018 as there was tender floated to install 80 dustbins all around the city, and this is estimated to cost 10 Lakhs, but we aren’t sure what has happened to that.

5 thoughts on “New 152 roadside pedestal dust bins to be put up”

  1. First train the citizens against littering the city with pan spits, khaini and spitting. Or else the costly dustbins will just rot. Make strict rules for anyone found littering or urinating in public places. Start penalizing the miscreants. Then install the garbage cans.

  2. City corporation doesn’t keeps the roads clean and garbage is not cleaned by them in market and road side These Dustbin will as it is there only they need need to be also keep cleaned daily bases as it gets filled up, only 152 Dustin will not enough to keep road side clean at least for every 150/200 mtrs there should be 1dustbin in busy areas.heavy fine should be imposed upon who is littering so the people won’t repeat it again

  3. I will support and encouragement for the road side bins , we must think is there any chance to place the bins , where’s place in narrow roads, there is no parking place., Movement of traffic or simply walk on the road, where’s space for the vendors, all this that previous day’s some three times the bins were installed what’s the outcomes of that, all will cover the purpose of the clean City. First of the citizens/public must make theirs own mind of keeping the city clean than only the the cleaness of city will done. The Civic authorities also not sure about quality of life citizens they must social awerness steps to take care of the city not only wasting the public ? callected by taxes. Thanks.

  4. Very good move from city corporation BELAGAVI but citizen should follow to keep the city clean, how they keep their home same should follow for the city also.

  5. 12500 Cost of Each Dustbin too expensive how do they work on the costing simply wasting public money. its a nice move to install dustbin but not a such a high cost.


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