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Prabhakar Kore asked 379 Questions and attendance is 67%

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Parliamentary Performance of Member of the Rajya Sabha, Shri Prabhakar Kore

When we checked the list of questions asked in the Rajya Sabha, we found that as per the PRS India report and the RajyaSabha website, Mr.Kore has asked in total 379 questions and attendance was 67%.
He also took part in 27 debates.


(Data corresponds to the period from 1 Jun 2009 to 1 Aug 2018.)

Kore has a good attendance of 67% when the national average is 79% and state average being only 72%

MP has asked 379 questions when the national average is 532 and state average is 433

MP has participated in 27 Debates in the Loksabha when the national average is 104 and State Avg is 70

DateDebate title/ Bill nameDebate type
01-Aug-2017The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (Amendment) Bill, 2017, as passed by Lok SabhaGovernment Bills
01-Dec-2014Regarding presence of Fluoride and Mercury in drinking water causing diseases in certain districts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya PradeshRS – Matters raised with permission
02-Aug-2016The Institutes of Technology (Amendment) Bill, 2016, as passed by Lok SabhaGovernment Bills
04-Mar-2015Demand to take steps to take action for protection of world heritage sites and scriptures from destruction by religious extremistsSpecial Mention
04-Mar-2016Regarding resentment amongst tribal people of ManipurRS – Matters raised with permission
05-May-2016Discussion on the Working of the Ministry of Human Resource DevelopmentRS – Short Duration Discussions (Rule-176)
06-Apr-2017Regarding false media reports about denying reservation to Dhangar communityRS – Matters raised with permission
08-Aug-2016The Mental Health Care Bill, 2013Government Bills
08-May-2012Situation arising out of severe drought in KarnatakaClarification on the Statement by Minister
14-Mar-2016Regarding need to construct the railway line between Hubli-Dharwar-BelgaumSpecial Mention
19-Dec-2012The Constitution (One Hundred Eighteenth Amendment) Bill, 2012Government Bills
19-Jul-2018Regarding growing drug menace amongst the children in BengaluruRS – Matters raised with permission
21-Jul-2016Regarding misuse of social websites by some terrorist organizationsRS – Matters raised with permission
21-Mar-2017The Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Prevention and Control) Bill, 2014Government Bills 
22-Jul-2014The Budget (Railways), 2014-15, (i) The Appropriation (Railways) No. 2 Bill, 2014, as passed by Lok Sabha, (ii) The Appropriation (Railways) No. 3 Bill, 2014, as passed by Lok SabhaBudget (Railways)
23-Mar-2017Regarding concern over dependence on China for raw material used in the production of medicinesRS – Matters raised with permission
23-Mar-2017Regarding need for a memorial and cultural centre in the name of Karinthandan – a tribal chieftainRS – Matters raised with permission
23-Mar-2017Regarding need to fix minimum support price of copra at ` 120/- to benefit coconut cultivatorsRS – Matters raised with permission
23-Mar-2017Regarding opening of Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendra at GulbargaRS – Matters raised with permission
24-Jul-2014The Budget (General), 2014-15, (i) The Appropriation (No. 2) Bill, 2014, as passed by Lok Sabha, (ii) The Appropriation (No. 3) Bill, 2014, as passed by Lok SabhaBudget (General)
27-Feb-2015Regarding atrocities on women and girl childRS – Matters raised with permission
27-Feb-2015Regarding violation by the drug manufacturing companies by using plastic bottlesRS – Matters raised with permission
27-Jul-2017The Indian Institutes of Information Technology (Public-Private Partnership) Bill, 2017, as passed by Lok SabhaGovernment Bills 
28-Apr-2010Presence of dangerous quantity of arsenic and other harmful minerals in potable water in various parts of the countryRS – Calling Attention (Rule-180)
28-Dec-2011The Constitution (One Hundred and Eleventh Amendment) Bill, 2009Government Bills
28-Jul-2016Regarding high prices of essential medicines due to absence of Pharmaceutical Pricing Policy in the countryRS – Calling Attention (Rule-180)
30-Mar-2017(i) The Appropriation (Railways) Bill, 2017, as passed by Lok Sabha. (ii) The Appropriation (Railways) No. 2 Bill, 2017, as passed by Lok Sabha. Discussion on the working of the M/o RailwaysGovernment Bills 
Questions Asked
27-Jul-2018Disposal of large stock of pulsesConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
25-Jul-2018Bringing ATF under GSTCivil Aviation
19-Jul-2018Package to push eco-friendly vehiclesHeavy Industries and Public Enterprises
06-Apr-2018Strengthening cold chain infrastructure in KarnatakaFood Processing Industries
03-Apr-2018Reducing the doctor-patient ratio in AYUSH systems of medicineAYUSH
28-Mar-2018Implementation of MMABY by KarnatakaPetroleum and Natural Gas
27-Mar-2018Evaluation of the effect of implementation of NEETHealth and Family Welfare
26-Mar-2018Escalation of price due to shortage of iron ore supplyMines
23-Mar-2018Fall in prices of farm producesAgriculture and Farmers Welfare
21-Mar-2018City Gas Distribution projects in KarnatakaPetroleum and Natural Gas
20-Mar-2018Cases of Triple Concurrent InfectionHealth and Family Welfare
16-Mar-2018Subsidy for agricultural machineryAgriculture and Farmers Welfare
06-Feb-2018High rate of cancer deaths in IndiaHealth and Family Welfare
05-Feb-2018Surplus water transfer from Godavari to Cauvery riverWater Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
05-Feb-2018Declaration of ILR projects as national projectsWater Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
04-Jan-2018Violation of human rights of elderly peopleSocial Justice and Empowerment
02-Jan-2018High number of TB casesHealth and Family Welfare
01-Jan-2018Strengthening of coastal security mechanismDefence
01-Jan-2018Strengthening coastal security through road linkageShipping
28-Dec-2017Sensitizing students about crimes and consequencesWomen and Child Development
28-Dec-2017Crimes committed by minorsWomen And Child Development
27-Dec-2017Loss of lives and public property during agitationsHome Affairs
22-Dec-2017Mechanism to monitor post-acquisition (FDI) activities of companiesChemicals and Fertilizers
21-Dec-2017Funds for Karnataka under Smart Cities MissionHousing and Urban Affairs
20-Dec-2017Job creation along with development of tourismTourism
18-Dec-2017Disappearance of lakes due to unregulated urbanisationEnvironment, Forest and Climate Change
18-Dec-2017Revival of urban lakesEnvironment, Forest and Climate Change
10-Aug-2017Quality education and skills for engineersHuman Resource Development
03-Aug-2017Changes in MWPSC ActSocial Justice and Empowerment
01-Aug-2017Disparity in availability of oncology therapiesHealth and Family Welfare
01-Aug-2017Non introduction of new oncology MedicinesHealth and Family Welfare
28-Jul-2017Revival of closed fertilizer plantsChemicals and Fertilizers
27-Jul-2017House rental policyHousing and Urban Affairs
26-Jul-2017100 per cent LPG coverage in domestic sectorPetroleum and Natural Gas
21-Jul-2017Marketing reformsAgriculture and Farmers Welfare
20-Jul-2017Home care services for elderly personsSocial Justice and Empowerment
17-Jul-2017Trade in timber on private landEnvironment, Forest and Climate Change
17-Jul-2017Removal of restrictions on trees on private landEnvironment, Forest and Climate Change
05-Apr-2017New connections under PMUYPetroleum and Natural Gas
03-Apr-2017Projects under NHDP in KarnatakaRoad Transport and Highways
31-Mar-2017Record production of foodgrainsAgriculture and Farmers Welfare
30-Mar-2017High death rate of childrenWomen and Child Development
29-Mar-2017Promotion of Electric VehiclesHeavy Industries and Public Enterprises
29-Mar-2017Domestic Tourist Visits in the countryTourism
28-Mar-2017Penalty on non-maintenance of minimum balance in bank accountFinance
27-Mar-2017Survey to assess water crisis in KarnatakaDrinking Water and Sanitation
24-Mar-2017Manufacturing of foreign smartphones in the countryElectronics and Information Technology
22-Mar-2017Job creation from sustainable development of tourismTourism
20-Mar-2017Maintenance of water bodiesWater Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
17-Mar-2017Rail track sabotage casesRailways
16-Mar-2017Promotion of clean urban transport in citiesUrban Development
14-Mar-2017Shortage of specialist doctors in CHCsHealth and Family Welfare
14-Mar-2017Mandatory rural service by specialist doctorsHealth and Family Welfare
10-Mar-2017Shortage of cold chain storage facilitiesAgriculture and Farmers Welfare
09-Mar-2017Status of AMRUT in KarnatakaUrban Development
08-Dec-2016Help to elderly peopleSocial Justice and Empowerment
08-Dec-2016Survey of illegal constructions of low income group flatsUrban Development
05-Dec-2016Flood in Bangaluru due to encroachmentWater Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
05-Dec-2016Inter-State transfer of registration of vehiclesRoad Transport and Highways
01-Dec-2016Lack of skills and knowledge of engineering graduatesHuman Resource Development
01-Dec-2016Engineering graduates lacking required skills for jobsHuman Resource Development
29-Nov-2016Regional Connectivity FundCivil Aviation
29-Nov-2016Affordable air travel for common peopleCivil Aviation
28-Nov-2016Free connections to every householdsPower
25-Nov-2016Shortage of skilled manpower in IT sectorElectronics and Information Technology
24-Nov-2016Introduction of annual examination for class V and VIIIHuman Resource Development
23-Nov-2016Construction of boundary walls and toilets at all monumentsCulture
22-Nov-2016Inclusion of Government schemes in DBTFinance
22-Nov-2016Steps taken to protect bank debit card customersFinance
21-Nov-2016Stipend for rural disabled for joining skill development programmeRural Development
18-Nov-2016Joint venture route for revival of sick pharma PSUsChemicals and Fertilizers
17-Nov-2016Shortage of skilled man-power in countrySkill Development and Entrepreneurship
16-Nov-2016New comprehensive capital goods policyHeavy Industries and Public Enterprises
12-Aug-2016Special package for suicide prone area of farmersAgriculture and Farmers Welfare
11-Aug-2016Shortage of specialist teachers in Karnataka and Madhya PradeshHuman Resource Development
05-Aug-2016Solar-powered locomotivesRailways
04-Aug-2016Decline in quality of primary and high school education in rural areasHuman Resource Development
02-Aug-2016Loans for people engaged in private services during emergenciesFinance
01-Aug-2016Restoration of water bodies in rural areasWater Resources, River Development And Ganga Rejuvenation
29-Jul-2016Identification of fake ration cardsConsumer Affairs, Food And Public Distribution
27-Jul-2016Coastal security schemeHome Affairs
27-Jul-2016Indian coasts vulnerable to terror strikesHome Affairs
26-Jul-2016Supply chain and logistic management for immunisation coverageHealth and Family Welfare
25-Jul-2016Subsidy for integrated solar manufacturing unitsNew and Renewable Energy
18-Jul-2016Minimising road accidents and deathsRoad Transport and Highways
13-May-2016Institutional credit mechanism for agriculture sectorAgriculture and Farmers Welfare
13-May-2016Access of farmers to institutional creditAgriculture and Farmers Welfare
10-May-2016Posting of MBBS students in rural areasHealth and Family Welfare
09-May-2016Study on environmental benefits of MGNREGARural Development
06-May-2016Alternative network in place of NOFNCommunications and Information Technology
06-May-2016Delay in implementation of NOFNCommunications and Information Technology
03-May-2016Sustainable growth of aviation sectorCivil Aviation
02-May-2016Boosting solar equipment manufacturing industryNew and Renewable Energy
29-Apr-2016Self reliance in fertilizer productionChemicals and Fertilizers
29-Apr-2016Speeding up of delivery of justiceLaw and Justice
29-Apr-2016Upgrading security of railway stationsRailways
28-Apr-2016Implementation of welfare schemes for elderly personsSocial Justice and Empowerment
27-Apr-2016Setting up of specified pharmaceutical zonesCommerce and Industry
26-Apr-2016Changes in the present system of security at airportsCivil Aviation
25-Apr-2016Access to safe drinking waterDrinking Water and Sanitation
14-Mar-2016Under-utilization of NCEFNew and Renewable Energy
14-Mar-2016Upgradation of State highways to National Highways in KarnatakaRoad Transport and Highways
11-Mar-2016Encouraging domestic production of bulk drugsChemicals and Fertilizers
08-Mar-2016Assessing impact on healthcare arising from customs duty hikeHealth and Family Welfare
04-Mar-2016Shortfall in production of pulsesAgriculture and Farmers Welfare
04-Mar-2016Seizure of passenger train by farmers of Chitradurga, KarnatakaRailways
02-Mar-2016Upgradation of existing pilgrimage and tourist placesTourism
02-Mar-2016Outsourcing the maintenance of monumentsCulture
02-Mar-2016Adoption of monuments by corporate housesCulture
23-Dec-2015Unified agency to check human traffickingHome Affairs
22-Dec-2015Participation at NSOP holders and charter operatorsCivil Aviation
22-Dec-2015Shortage of paramedical staffHealth and Family Welfare
21-Dec-2015Under-utilization of NCEFNew and Renewable Energy
10-Dec-2015National Urban Rental Housing PolicyHousing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
09-Dec-2015National authority to combat traffickingHome Affairs
09-Dec-2015Human trafficking in South AsiaHome Affairs
08-Dec-2015Raising of funds by Indian entrepreneursFinance
07-Dec-2015Solar Scale-up PlanNew and Renewable Energy
04-Dec-2015Utilization of funds for infrastructure developmentLaw and Justice
04-Dec-2015Integrated Security SystemRailways
02-Dec-2015Identification of rich households for taking out of LPG subsidyPetroleum and Natural Gas
01-Dec-2015Aviation training institutions in the countryCivil Aviation
01-Dec-2015Measures to overhaul aviation infrastructureCivil Aviation
30-Nov-2015Development of solar citiesNew and Renewable Energy
30-Nov-2015Tapping of green energy sourcesNew and Renewable Energy
12-Aug-2015Cleanliness around important tourist placesTourism
05-Aug-2015Erosion of respect/fear of law in peopleHome Affairs
04-Aug-2015Stemming brain drain of doctorsHealth and Family Welfare
29-Jul-2015Black marketing of subsidized kerosenePetroleum and Natural Gas
29-Jul-2015Transfer of subsidy on kerosene to bank accounts on lines of DBTLPetroleum and Natural Gas
28-Jul-2015Turnaround of loss-making Air IndiaCivil Aviation
28-Jul-2015Losses incurred by Al in international sectorCivil Aviation
28-Jul-2015Dominance of private sector in health care sectorHealth and Family Welfare
23-Jul-2015Lack of environment for good researchScience and Technology
12-May-2015Dependence on China for supply of key vaccinesHealth and Family Welfare
11-May-2015Right to quality education under RTEHuman Resource Development
08-May-2015India’s dependence on China for bulk drugs and APIsChemicals and Fertilizers
06-May-2015Restricting subsidy on kerosene to unelectrified householdsPetroleum and Natural Gas
29-Apr-2015Analysis of working of policeHome Affairs
27-Apr-2015NH link between Goa and BelgaumRoad Transport and Highways
27-Apr-2015NHs in KarnatakaRoad Transport and Highways
18-Mar-2015Measures to stem the surge in steel importsSteel
13-Mar-2015Procuring medicines for sale under Jan Aushadhi SchemeChemicals and Fertilizers
13-Mar-2015Bringing more medicines under Jan Aushadhi SchemeChemicals and Fertilizers
12-Mar-2015Doorstep service to elderly populationSocial Justice and Empowerment
11-Mar-2015Surge in import of steelCommerce and Industry
11-Mar-2015Under-utilization of cess collected for welfare of construction workersLabour and Employment
10-Mar-2015Level playing field for Indian airlinesCivil Aviation
10-Mar-2015Import of currency note paperFinance
09-Mar-2015Ban on sale of alcohol on highwaysRoad Transport and Highways
04-Mar-2015Additional districts under anti-Naxal schemeHome Affairs
04-Mar-2015New quarterly survey to provide employment estimatesLabour and Employment
03-Mar-2015Increase in demand for medicinal cropsAYUSH
03-Mar-2015Creation of infrastructure for processing and storage of medicinal plantsAYUSH
03-Mar-2015Launching of national de-worming initiativeHealth and Family Welfare
02-Mar-2015Career-oriented short term courses in universities and collegesHuman Resource Development
02-Mar-2015Completion of projects on NH-6 and NH-34Road Transport and Highways
27-Feb-2015Complaints regarding services of public sector telecom companiesCommunications and Information Technology
26-Feb-2015Latest study report on tiger populationEnvironment, Forests and Climate Change
26-Feb-2015Delay in setting up of Special Tiger Protection ForceEnvironment, Forests and Climate Change
26-Feb-2015Road map for integrated skill developmentSkill Development, Entrepreneurship, Youth Affairs and Sports
24-Feb-2015Monetization of surplus land assets by AICivil Aviation
24-Feb-2015Funds for maintenance of medical equipmentsHealth and Family Welfare
24-Feb-2015Supply of adulterated milk by private dairiesHealth and Family Welfare
19-Dec-2014Creation of price stablization fundAgriculture
15-Dec-2014Power supply in rural areasPower
12-Dec-2014Policy for procurement of coachesRailways
12-Dec-2014Utilization of Railway coach factoriesRailways
09-Dec-2014Medical cost attributable to tobacco useHealth and Family Welfare
08-Dec-2014Evaluation and grading of primary schoolsHuman Resource Development
08-Dec-2014Interlinking of riversWater Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
05-Dec-2014Revival of sick drugs manufacturing companiesChemicals and Fertilizers
05-Dec-2014Quality of services provided by RailwaysRailways
04-Dec-2014Encroachment on pavementsUrban Development
03-Dec-2014Increased Maoist activity in Malnad region of KarnatakaHome Affairs
02-Dec-2014Upsurge in cancer casesHealth and Family Welfare
02-Dec-2014National Anti-TB Drug Resistance SurveyHealth and Family Welfare
01-Dec-2014Methodology to ensure quality of teachersHuman Resource Development
28-Nov-2014Investment in FPIs and Food ParksConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
28-Nov-2014Losses in agricultural commoditiesFood Processing Industries
26-Nov-2014Vacant police postsHome Affairs
26-Nov-2014Financial assistance for flood affected districts of North KarnatakaHome Affairs
25-Nov-2014Acute shortage of nephrologistsHealth and Family Welfare
25-Nov-2014Acute shortage of oncologistsHealth and Family Welfare
04-Aug-2014Passing of CTETHuman Resource Development
04-Aug-2014Standard of teachers’ training institutesHuman Resource Development
25-Jul-2014Shortage of cold storage capacityAgriculture
25-Jul-2014Uneven distribution of cold storagesFood Processing Industries
23-Jul-2014Impact of import of solar power equipments from ChinaCommerce and Industry
21-Jul-2014Model villages in the countryRural Development
18-Jul-2014Quality of services offered by RailwaysRailways
16-Jul-2014World Bank Report on conducting business in IndiaCommerce and Industry
15-Jul-2014Rise in MDR-TB casesHealth and Family Welfare
14-Jul-2014Clearances for power projectsPower
14-Jul-2014Delayed highway projectsRoad Transport and Highways
08-Jul-2014Rise in cancer casesHealth and Family Welfare
21-Feb-2014Cases of passengers being pushed off from moving trainsRailways
21-Feb-2014New technology on intercity trainsRailways
20-Feb-2014Constitution of CAMPAEnvironment and Forests
20-Feb-2014Rise in road accidents due to poor maintenance of roadsRoad Transport and Highways
20-Feb-2014Increasing length of roadsRoad Transport and Highways
19-Feb-2014Inadequate basic infrastructure in ESIC hospitals in KarnatakaLabour and Employment
19-Feb-2014Vacancies in ESIC hospitals in KarnatakaLabour and Employment
19-Feb-2014Social welfare schemes in KarnatakaSocial Justice and Empowerment
18-Feb-2014Free testing facilities for diabetic patientsHealth and Family Welfare
18-Feb-2014Bilateral trade agreement between GCC and IndiaMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises
18-Feb-2014Complaints against LPG dealersPetroleum and Natural Gas
18-Dec-2013Revival of non-operational textiles factoriesTextiles
17-Dec-2013Irregularities in the implementation of RGGVYPower
16-Dec-2013Parity in wages of casual and MGNREGA labourersRural Development
13-Dec-2013Supply of fake Bt. Cotton seedsAgriculture
11-Dec-2013Introducing new category of punishment under section 53 of IPCHome Affairs
11-Dec-2013Training to women under ISDS and IHDSTextiles
10-Dec-2013Uninterrupted power supply tofarmersPower
10-Dec-2013Refusal of rural service by medical studentsHealth and Family Welfare
10-Dec-2013Creation of jobs in manufacturing sectorMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises
09-Dec-2013Irregularities in preparations and servings of Mid Day MealsHuman Resource Development
09-Dec-2013Opening of model degree collegesHuman Resource Development
30-Aug-2013PPP in agricultural projectsAgriculture
30-Aug-2013Elimination of unmanned level crossingsRailways
27-Aug-2013Additional land for Dabolim Airport in GoaCivil Aviation
27-Aug-2013Expansion of Belgaum airport in KarnatakaCivil Aviation
23-Aug-2013Preferential Market Access policyCommunications and Information Technology
22-Aug-2013Impact of dolling out of free electronic equipments on funds for various schemesPrime Minister
22-Aug-2013Poor road condition of NH-4-ARoad Transport and Highways
19-Aug-2013Literacy rateHuman Resource Development
14-Aug-2013Shifting of Naval Wing from Goa to BelgaumDefence
14-Aug-2013Committee to investigate the serial blasts in Bodh GayaHome Affairs
13-Aug-2013Impact of external commercial borrowing on rupee valueFinance
13-Aug-2013State-of-the-art mental hospitalsHealth and Family Welfare
12-Aug-2013Restructuring of CILCoal
12-Aug-2013Development of Kannada languageHuman Resource Development
08-Aug-2013Survival chances of road accidents victimsRoad Transport and Highways
08-Aug-2013Accidents caused by trucks and trailers parked without warningRoad Transport and Highways
07-Aug-2013Strengthening the functioning of NDMAHome Affairs
06-Aug-2013Reported cases of TB in the countryHealth and Family Welfare
06-Aug-2013Rising cases of dengueHealth and Family Welfare
05-Aug-2013Time-bound plan to increase efficiency of IMDEarth Sciences
05-Aug-2013Gender balance in IIMsHuman Resource Development
07-May-2013India Opportunities Venture Fund with SIDBIFinance
06-May-2013Interlinking of Netravati and Hemavati riversWater Resources
03-May-2013Labour problem in agricultural sectorAgriculture
03-May-2013National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and ManagementFood Processing Industries
02-May-2013Compensation to Air IndiaCivil Aviation
02-May-2013Homeless families in the countryHousing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
30-Apr-2013Women SHG Development FundFinance
30-Apr-2013Credit at lower interest rate for manufacturing sectorFinance
29-Apr-2013Arsenic and fluoride affected habitationsDrinking Water and Sanitation
29-Apr-2013Introduction of PMGSY-IIRural Development
29-Apr-2013Interlinking of river Bedti and Varada basinWater Resources
26-Apr-2013Protection of domestic cowsAgriculture
26-Apr-2013Implementation of MFMsChemicals and Fertilizers
25-Apr-2013Direct Cash Transfer SchemePrime Minister
25-Apr-2013Development of infrastructure connectivity in KarnatakaTourism
25-Apr-2013Environmental pollution in KarnatakaTourism
23-Apr-2013New banking guidelinesFinance
22-Apr-2013Setting up of the University for Minorities at SrirangapatnamMinority Affairs
22-Apr-2013Promotion of export of coir productsMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises
22-Apr-2013Export of coirMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises
22-Mar-2013Improvement of quality education in Government schoolsHuman Resource Development
22-Mar-2013Teaching standards in Government schoolsHuman Resource Development
21-Mar-2013Proposal for naming BIAL AirportCivil Aviation
21-Mar-2013Completion of Hassan-BC four lane road projectRoad Transport and Highways
20-Mar-2013Compensation fixed for various crops under NCRFHome Affairs
19-Mar-2013Siphoning of money by financial institutions in debt waiver schemeFinance
18-Mar-2013Drinking water problem in KarnatakaDrinking Water and Sanitation
18-Mar-2013Impact of MGNREGA on rural labour marketRural Development
18-Mar-2013Identification of water rich and deficit regionsWater Resources
15-Mar-2013Price rise of onionAgriculture
15-Mar-2013Train accidents due to human errorRailways
14-Mar-2013Opposition to CSSs by StatesPrime Minister
13-Mar-2013Marketing mechanism for cashew growersCommerce and Industry
12-Mar-2013Rehabilitation of great Indian Bustard in Ranebennur Black Buck SanctuaryEnvironment and Forests
11-Mar-2013Interlinking of water surplus rivers with water deficit riversWater Resources
08-Mar-2013Quality of education in Government schoolsHuman Resource Development
06-Mar-2013Non-delivery of benefits of welfare scheme for disabledSocial Justice and Empowerment
05-Mar-2013Illegal sand mining in KarnatakaEnvironment and Forests
04-Mar-2013Welfare schemes for minoritiesMinority Affairs
04-Mar-2013Committee for minority specific development planMinority Affairs
27-Feb-2013Coffee Debt Relief PackageCommerce and Industry
27-Feb-2013Notification of Bhovi as Scheduled CasteSocial Justice and Empowerment
26-Feb-2013Impact of river bed mining on ecologyEnvironment and Forests
26-Feb-2013Elephant corridor project at Puspagiri in KarnatakaEnvironment and Forests
22-Feb-2013Making food processing sector more farmer friendlyFood Processing Industries
22-Feb-2013Research Designs and Standards OrganisationRailways
17-Dec-2012Setting up of Micro and Small Scale Industries in KarnatakaMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises
14-Dec-2012Demand for domestically manufactured electronic goodsCommunications and Information Technology
12-Dec-2012Package to coffee growers of KarnatakaCommerce and Industry
12-Dec-2012Rehabilitation of slum dwellersHousing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
11-Dec-2012Study on impact of sand mining on ecologyEnvironment and Forests
11-Dec-2012Running Ayurveda and Unani clinics without proper qualificationHealth and Family Welfare
10-Dec-2012Land held by Government agenciesRural Development
07-Dec-2012Proposal for setting up of IIT in KarnatakaHuman Resource Development
06-Dec-2012Funds for development of infrastructure in Balgaum, KarnatakaTourism
05-Dec-2012Effect of ban on export of poultry products from IndiaCommerce and Industry
05-Dec-2012Welfare of plantation labourers/ workers under Central Wage BoardLabour and Employment
04-Dec-2012Polluted industrial clustersEnvironment and Forests
03-Dec-2012Supply of safe drinking water in KarnatakaDrinking Water and Sanitation
30-Nov-2012Spread of bird fluAgriculture
29-Nov-2012Extension of subsidised farm loan to farmersFinance
27-Nov-2012Access to quality palliative care servicesHealth and Family Welfare
26-Nov-2012Quality and quantity of research work in the countryScience and Technology
07-Sep-2012Promotion of Indian languages including Kannada in UniversitiesHuman Resource Development
06-Sep-2012E-Governance in PanchayatsPanchayati Raj
06-Sep-2012Approval for setting up of CESCLPrime Minister
05-Sep-2012Import of Areca nutsCommerce and Industry
05-Sep-2012Rise in incidents of murderHome Affairs
04-Sep-2012Poor hygienic conditions in Government hospitalsHealth and Family Welfare
03-Sep-2012Use of ground waterWater Resources
31-Aug-2012Value based educationHuman Resource Development
31-Aug-2012Teaching of value education in schoolsHuman Resource Development
30-Aug-2012Funds for computerisation to DICsMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises
29-Aug-2012Unemployment gap between rural and urban areasLabour and Employment
29-Aug-2012Rate of unemploymentLabour and Employment
24-Aug-2012Setting up of Basava study centre in University of KarnatakaHuman Resource Development
23-Aug-2012Financial assistance from World Bank etc.Finance
22-Aug-2012Fatal accidents in factoriesLabour and Employment
22-Aug-2012Hazards faced by construction workersLabour and Employment
21-Aug-2012Over crowding in Government hospitalsHealth and Family Welfare
21-Aug-2012Upgradation of State Highways in KarnatakaRoad Transport and Highways
17-Aug-2012Illtreatment of students admitted under RTE, ActHuman Resource Development
16-Aug-2012Committee on tourismTourism
14-Aug-2012Infrastructural problems in Government hospitalsHealth and Family Welfare
14-Aug-2012Computerization of land recordsRural Development
13-Aug-2012New coal blocksCoal
13-Aug-2012Storage capacity of water bodiesWater Resources
09-Aug-2012E-governance in panchayatsPanchayati Raj
09-Aug-2012Athletes facing financial crisisYouth Affairs and Sports
08-Aug-2012Factories (Karnataka Amendment) Bill, 2011Home Affairs
08-Aug-2012Demand to declare disputed areas of Belgaum as UTHome Affairs
21-May-2012Sugar Price Equalisation FundConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
21-May-2012Village grain banks in KarnatakaConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
11-May-2012Requirement of cold storagesAgriculture
11-May-2012Production of milletsAgriculture
11-May-2012Value added product from milletAgriculture
11-May-2012Funds for ICSSRHuman Resource Development
10-May-2012Operation stopped at HAL Airport in BengaluruCivil Aviation
10-May-2012Reservation benefits to the poor among upper castesSocial Justice and Empowerment
09-May-2012Karnataka Co-operative Societies Bill, 2010Home Affairs
09-May-2012Meagre penalty for rash and negligent driversHome Affairs
09-May-2012Introduction of Section 14-A to Karnataka Co-operative Societies ActHome Affairs
09-May-2012Real Estate (Regulation and Development) ActHousing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
08-May-2012New NBFCsFinance
07-May-2012Allocation of captive coal blocks to KarnatakaCoal
07-May-2012Allocation of coal blocksCoal
07-May-2012PDS in KarnatakaConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
04-May-2012Drought in KarnatakaAgriculture
04-May-2012Shortage of cold storageAgriculture
04-May-2012Institutions funded by ICSSRHuman Resource Development
03-May-2012Amendment to Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961Women and Child Development
30-Apr-2012Establishment of power project at GulbargaPower
30-Apr-2012Minor irrigation schemesWater Resources
27-Apr-2012Shortfall in production of pulses and oilsAgriculture
27-Apr-2012Consumption of chemical fertilizersChemicals and Fertilizers
26-Apr-2012Upgradation of T-1 at Bangalore AirportCivil Aviation
26-Apr-2012Package for promotion of tourism in KarnatakaTourism
25-Apr-2012Financial assistance to NGOsCulture
25-Apr-2012Rape with girl childrenHome Affairs
24-Apr-2012MFIs operating in the countryFinance
20-Dec-2011Inquiry report of NLM on misuse of MGNREGS fundsRural Development
16-Dec-2011Fine realized from telemarketing callersCommunications and Information Technology
15-Dec-2011Investigation in Trivalley University Visa fraud caseExternal Affairs
13-Dec-2011Staff crunch at investigative units in CBDTFinance
09-Dec-2011Engaging retired personnelRailways
30-Aug-2011Status of PMGSY and NRRDARural Development
26-Aug-2011Requirement of teachersHuman Resource Development
24-Aug-2011Blacklisting of Indian garment exporters for using child labourTextiles
19-Aug-2011Science Magnet SchoolsHuman Resource Development
18-Aug-2011Upgradation of roads in KarnatakaRoad Transport and Highways
17-Aug-2011IP protection norms for manufacturing cheap generic drugsCommerce and Industry
17-Aug-2011Welfare of domestic workersLabour and Employment
16-Aug-2011Impact of MGNREGS on availability of labourers during farming seasonsRural Development
02-Dec-2010National Sports Policy guidelinesYouth Affairs and Sports
29-Nov-2010Delay in creation of All India Judicial ServiceLaw and Justice
20-Aug-2010School buildings occupied by security forces in JharkhandHuman Resource Development
20-Aug-2010Sharing of funds between Centre and States for RTE ActHuman Resource Development
17-Aug-2010Reservations of IMA to Bachelor of Rural Health CareHealth and Family Welfare
11-Aug-2010Anti-dumping duty on Chinese goodsCommerce and Industry




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