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Bapu-Bittoo: Yardo duddu Yellammana jatre…?

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Bittoo: Bapu.

Bapu: Yes Bittoo.

Bittoo: Both the ruling Marathi and Opposition Kannada-Urdu groups in the Belagavi City Corporation, setting aside all differences exhibited perfect unity at its council meeting on Friday Bapu!

Bapu: Are you referring to the unanimous resolution adopted, rather self-sanctioned one to go on a study tour at a hill station Bittoo?

Bittoo: Yes Bapu. But, when there is enough to study problems and issues, and apply readily available solutions to provide relief to the citizens, what is that they want to study in a hill station at a time when monsoon is at its peak Bapu?

Bapu: I don’t know Bittoo.

Bittoo: And Bapu, the members conveniently rejected the suggestion of Ms.Herekar against using tax-payers money for the proposed trip but meet the cost from their own pockets Bapu.

Bapu: That’s truly ironical Bittoo.

Bittoo: So it is the typical case of ‘yardo duddu Yellammana jatre’ (feasting on someone else’s money) Bapu?

Bapu: I don’t know Bittoo.

This is a citizen-centric new column, wherein the author(Bitto) is an ordinary, politically unaffiliated common man of the city who in his/her inimitable approach takes up various issues with the Bapu’s soul! Apparently, the interaction between them portrays ironies of sorts encountered by the common man and others in the city in a lighter vein. The author’s name will not be disclosed to the readers as he/she represents the common man of the society. This column aims at creating awareness and sensitising cross sections of our city on various issues of public concern only but in a lighter vein without holding any contempt against any institution or individual.

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