Corporators Chale Shimla on study tour


After burdening citizens with an increased property, water tax and many more taxes, the corporators of the Belagavi City Corporation are embarking on a study tour to Shimla.

On Friday at the general body meeting, the tour was approved within minutes of some members submitting a proposal. Mayor Basappa Chikkaladinni announced that the corporation would fund the study tour of all members to hill stations.


Sarala Herekar was the lone member to oppose the idea. What has been the outcome of such a study tour undertaken earlier? she asked. When there is a lack of funds to pay out salaries how is that there are funds for a tour to Shimla and other hill stations.

No one other than Herekar opposed this study tour.

The municipality has burdened citizens with additional property and water tax from April 1. While the tours are undertaken to understand the municipal functioning of various cities and countries, the corporators have never implemented any of the systems and methods adopted by corporations they visited.


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  1. It is a sheer waste of public money. Such trips and also installation of idols spending crores should be stopped. The public money should be used for citizens welfare activities such as roads and putting signals on RPD cross and other important locations.

  2. Why does it need a trip to a hill station to understand that roads need to be pothole free which is the need of the hour? And if needed to take study tours, why do they always choose tourist places? (doesn’t it sound like they want to enjoy some ‘free-vacation’? Waste of hard-earned taxpayers money really!

  3. Thanks. I have to apricate the stand by the smt. Heralekar. Citizen s must raise vice aganist the such act.


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