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BTP Construction: A Tunnel Expert: Stars of Belgaum

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I guess not many of this group and their achievements, heres another Star of Belgaum

BTP Group

Shri Jayant B. Patil, Balasaheb B. Patil, & Bapusaheb B. Patil in the year 1988 started a tunneling construction company, B.T.Patil & Sons Belgaum (Construction) Pvt. Ltd. This company has made long strides in tunneling and underground construction.

BTP is contributing with guts and determination for the cause of infrastructure development which has been a key work in economic progress of the country, especially after embarking on liberalization programme. May it be Power, Irrigation & Water Supply; Railways tunneling through mountains has been a challenging task that BTP has always accepted through its conscientious, trained and hard working team of 2000. BTP is committed to attain excellence in everything that requires commitment & vision in years to come.
While India is passing through extremely competitive phase of globalization young BTP is looking forward to enormous opportunities in its self-selected challenging and difficult path of being the harboring of infrastructural development through tunneling and underground construction. The company has diversified into future’s biggest industry Road Construction

An US $ 18-million company today. BTP with an unabating quest for betterment is set to grow by leaps and bounds.

Tunneling and construction work of more than 65 kms at diversified locations of hydroelectric projects, irrigation projects and railway projects have proven the mettle of BTP, setting it to face the rigors of imminent down to earth competition necessary for improving critical infrastructure for overall economic development

While constructing Tike tunnel on Konkan Railway through sound basalt strata, trees and plants 107 meters above remained unperturbed yet the 3072-m tunnel has been kept cool and fresh through scientifically designed ventilation system; is one of many examples.

The Construction of TILLARI HYDRO_ELECTRIC PROJECT heralds the fulfillment of a long cherished dream of millions of people of Konkan belt.

The main water storage for Tillari Hydro Electric Project is formed by Construction of a masonry dam, 38m high, across the Tillari River, with a capacity of about 113m. cum(4 T.M.C.)The impounded water will be led through a “Power Canal” 15 km in length to balancing reservoir formed by construction of a Forebay Dam (masonry).
Some important Tunnels constructed by BTP:

Some Important Tunnels constructed:

Chiplun Tunnel – Total Tunnel Length 2125 m.

Tike Tunnel, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra – Total Tunnel Length 3,072m

Karbude Tunnel– Total Tunnel Length 6.5 kms


National and International Honors
BTP, a name fast becoming synonymous with tunneling in the last decade and a half as acquired accolades aplenty, like.

National Record & International Honors:

* Tunnel excavation progress of 168 m/ month on a single face on Koyna Hydro-Electric Project (1995). 
* Tunnel excavation progress of 236m/ month on a single face on Jath Tunnel (M.K.V.D.C 2001). 
* 196.5 m / per face through shaft in one month while working on Bhima-Sina Link Tunnel (M.K.V.D.C 1999). 
* 330 m through one shaft in one month. 
* 1183 m per month on a single tunnel. 
* 10548 m in one year on a single tunnel. 
* 8,48,000 cum of Underground Excavation through shaft on a single Tunnel.

Record :

* Executing four blasts in 24 hours while working on Tike Tunnelof Konkan Railway. 
* ‘World Tunnelling News ‘ an internatinal magazine dedicated to underground construction has featured B.T.P. time and again in their issues citing our achievements.

The BTP group is made of sister concerns that facilitate the overall construction process.

Patson Structural (India) Pvt.Ltd. 
A heavy engineering company having core competence in turnkey fabrication, erection and commissioning of turnkey structures is the backbone of BTP, while providing mechanical back-up to BTP, PSIL is looking forward to have the most modern engineering facilities state of the art machine shop & technology

B.T.Patil & Sons Belgaum (Const) Pvt.Ltd. 
A major Civil & Structural Construction Company of BTP into Hydro-power projects, Irrigation Tunnels, Roads and Rail Tunnels, Radial Crest Dam Gates & Highway/Water Supply Projects

B.T.Patil & Sons Foundation. 
A Charitable Trust which belongs to Patson Group, which helps the needy in Educational, Medical students & also contributes in Social & Sports promotional activities.

Truly the Patil’s are the Stars of Belgaum.



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  1. Hi All,

    First of all i congratulate this webiste and person who has been a part of publishing this spectacular news about BTP and their achievements and giving this opportunity to me to recall memories with BTP and to write my views.

    I am proud to be the part of BTP Group as i have worked with great concern for a short span of time but still i can recall the experience i earned from the organisation was really a worth in my career.

    I wish this website a very bright future and also for reaching a infinite net users to fetch the happenings in and around belgaum.

    I also take this opportunity to wish BTP Group that it may grow in such a way that world should remember eternally.

    Nagesh VA

  2. They are very big group company..when i was in konkan railway in 1991,they were trusted contractors of railways..They are very low profile…I hope they should employ local youngsters in the company..
    Hearty congratulations to you..


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