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Ecobillz product suite helps digitise paper bills

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Ecobillz envision a world without paper!

Paper is something that has become so ubiquitous with our lives that is impossible to miss. Do you know? In India alone, each day a whopping 60 lac mtrs of paper is being used up to print paper bills.
Wonder how many of us really actually use a bill after we verify it once at the billing counter? The answer sure is – very few people save bills for future. Most of us simply bin them. Its such a massive waste.

The statistics of paper industry is like this: to produce just 50,000 A4 size papers about 150 trees are felled plus 526 ptrs of Oil is burnt + 3,000 ltrs of water is consumed. What a waste of natural resources. This gave birth to
Ecobillz is an Innovative Digitization technology that acts as a communication vehicle, with limitless marketing possibilities to empower you with complete digitization of your billing process. Best Part: there is absolutely no change in a merchant’s existing system, process and/or operations.ecobillz

Ameet Patil from Belagavi, after having founded and successful run an Embedded Services company – and co-founded several other startups, wanted to do something different this time which would create a real impact to the world we are living in today. About a year ago, during a casual discussion, with his friend -Ganesh Jannu put forth the idea of doing something to convert supermarket bills into digital bills.

Ameet Patil and Ganesh Jannu of Ecobillz
Ameet Patil and Nitesh Kumar of Ecobillz

Ameet and Nitesh started working on it started working on it in September 2016 and incorporated Ecobillz Private Limited on 30 Sep 2016.
Ecobillz is a Go Green initiative to digitize everything that is Paper including bills/receipts, promotions/coupons/vouchers, passes/tickets, etc.

How it works?

Team built the technology ground up in such a way that there is absolutely no change required at the merchant’s billing process. He/She continues to use the same billing software and the same printer, etc. Our solution plugs into almost any POS software and generates a digital bill when you provide customers mobile number.

Retail Shop Scenario:

1. At checkout, customer checks the items on the billing counter screen itself

2. Customer makes payment

3. Merchant prints the bill as usual via his/her billing software.

4. Ecobillz pops up and ask if digital bill is required? Merchant adds customer phone number.

5. Customer receives digital bill on phone via SMS.

Restaurant Scenario:

1. Customer asked for bill at the table.

2. The waiter asks cashier to generate bill.

3. Customer receives bill on the phone.

Story so far:

Within 5 months, they have not only built the technology but also got several early customers (Mayur Aaditya Resort, Clarks Inn Hubli, Seven Days supermarket, etc.

Ecobillz is an official Go Green Partner for TiECon2017. This year in TiECon all promotions and discount coupons for TieCon delegates will be digitally available on Ecobillz App Our solution is undergoing trials at a big retail outlet chain which if successful will see Ecobillz deployed in 300 outlets across the state. We are also in talks with Govt. bodies and social organisations to come forward and support our cause. Together we all can embrace Ecobillz and started creating a better future for our next generations. As we say, “A tree saved is as good as a Tree planted.”

Whats next?

Ecobillz has secured an initial undisclosed amount in seed funds from friends, family and angel investors. We are looking to raise a series A round shortly. The next phase would be to rapidly expand operations and customer reach. Stay tuned.

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