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Pets are our chosen family,” Mrs. Srisha Santosh Sunagar gleamed at her pets. Mrs. Srisha Santosh Sunagar is the founder of Pet grooming salon, Pet It Easy.

Residing in Belagavi, Mrs. Srisha and her daughter Mrs. Shruti Sunagar always dreamt of creating a salon dedicated to the grooming of pets. Mrs. Srisha conversing about opening Belagavi’s first-ever pet grooming salon said, “With all my children grown up and lesser responsibilities, this felt like the right time to start a grooming salon along with my daughter who spends around 6 months here in her hometown,” The mother-daughter duo being pet mothers themselves, their personal experiences with the pets, few experiments and struggles grooming them at home gave them the research push to discuss with fellow pet parents and vets around Belagavi with regards to the importance and need for grooming which eventually drove them to start

Below are the excerpts from the exclusive interview with Mrs. Srisha Santosh Sunagar

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I have 2 dogs here in Belagavi and my daughter usually spends her vacations here in Belagavi along with her pets. We have struggled a lot when it comes to grooming our pets especially during the summer and rainy seasons. We researched and tried a few grooming and shaving experiments which didn’t turn out well for our dogs. We wanted the best for our pets that’s when the idea of ‘Pet It Easy’ popped into my mind as Belagavi never had its own Pet grooming salon and it was something that my daughter and I always dreamt of doing one day.

After a lot of research and conversations with the vets here in Belagavi, we decided to lay the foundation for the only pet grooming salon and spa, Pet It Easy, to make life happier for the pets and easier for the pet parents


Just like us, our pets need precise and special care that is good for them. Just like us humans every pet is unique, similar grooming styles for dogs aren’t necessarily good for cats, each of them deserves special care.

To make this happen, Pet It Easy is bringing the grooming and spa for your pet buddies near to you here in Belagavi. When it comes to our pets, shampoo to shaving everything matters. So, what better than trained groomers who know what’s best for your adorable pets.

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Is Spa and grooming, a need or want for the pets? Spa and grooming are absolutely necessary for pets.

It isn’t something fancy when it comes to pet grooming. As I mentioned every dog and cat is distinctive just like us humans and that’s why they need special care and treatment specifically crafted for them.

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Why PetItEasy?

Pets are special members of the family, grooming for them isn’t just about shaving and washing. It is about creating a bond and beautiful experience with your pets which results in a happy mood and good health. Pet It Easy is here to create that beautiful experience to create an unforgettable bond with your pet buddies.

Visit Pet It Easy with your ‘Pawsome’ Furry Friends for must-needed and refreshing grooming for your pets.

Address: 581/A, Near Hanuman Nagar Circle, TV Centre, Hanuman Nagar, Belagavi, Karnataka 590019


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