Specials: Tsunami RECESSION! Part 2

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This is part two of the story by Gouree Deshpande/ Manjarekar, Read part one here.

Part 2

Den and Ram are so exhausted that they prefer taking a nap rather than brooding over things which cannot be changed. Suddenly ram’s Mobile rings

“Where are you Ram? Heard that people from GSM are terminated. Is everything alright?”Ria sounds a bit tensed.

“No Ria… I mean actually… Ria… I…”

“Speak up ram, why are you sounding so nervous??”

“I am no longer an employee of GSM ria”

Silence persists…

“Ram where are you??” Ria’s voice cracking

“At dens room “

“He too?”


“Ram comes home…”

“Yes dear I will be there in few minutes”.

“What next ram” asks den.

Ram prefers to remain silent.

“I have an idea in my mind.” Den breaks the silence with his words.

“Go ahead den”

“Why don’t you go back to your town and look after your dads business?”

“I am not in a mood to listen to your crap jokes den “

“What’s wrong in it ram?? Don’t you think you can do much better than your dad??”

“What the hell Den? I am an engineer do you think I should go and do farming in Kaivara?? Is it my field?? I want to work in it”

“What’s wrong in farming ram?? You can expand your dads work. You can implement new technologies start your own small scale industries. Why not ram??? “


“Look ram I have made up my mind that I am not going to slog in this field. I will rather join dad’s factory in Mysore”

Dens dad owns a Garment factory in Mysore.

“You do what you wish to. But I don’t want to go to Kaivara. It is not that easy den”

“Tell me what’s so difficult in it??”

“See the lifestyle in Bangalore and see that of Kaivara. No malls, no multiplexes, no super markets. And working in a farm??”

“You have workers to work in farm ram. Think with a broader perspective. Why can’t you?? You can expand your business like anything ram. Trust me you will have more satisfaction than any other work”

“What business?? How will I??”

“If every person starts thinking the way you are thinking how will our country progress?? There will be only engineers and doctors and no farmers. No new technologies will be introduced. Think over it Ram. Do you think farming can be done only by people who are not qualified or under qualified?? Why do you think your dad started farming?? “

Ram nods and leaves dens room. He catches an auto straight to his rented flat. He reaches his flat and finds Ria already waiting for him at the door. Tears in her eyes. She sees ram and hugs him.

“amma appa had called some time back” Ria says

“What did they say?”

“They asked whether we are coming to Kaivara for Holi”


Ram tells Ria about Dens suggestion.

“Amma appa need you Ram. I think Den is right. We must go to Kaivara and look after our farms till you get another job. You can keep posting your resumes and wait for a proper job.”

“Is it ok with you Ria?? What will you do in Kaivara? Your career will be ruined”

“It’s just a matter of few days dear. Once you get a good job, we will again shift back. Practically speaking this is a better option at this point of time”

Things are packed and shifted to their relatives place. Den leaves both of them to the railway station.

“Keep in touch ram”

“Sure dude. Hope to see you soon”

Months pass by. Ram is now completely focused in his new work. He has purchased another 2 acres of land and increased his production. There are 20 people working under him who look after sowing, harvesting and other works. Ram visits the farm at mornings and evenings. But down in his heart Ram still feels that he is missing something in life.

He still posts his resume with a hope to get back in corporate world…. He has imbibed new technologies in farming, purchased few more machineries. Crop is of excellent quality and he transports it to near-by places. With Dens fathers help, he has signed up a big contract of supplying grains with one of the industrialists “Mr Rangraju” in Bangalore. In a year or two he plans to start his own factory in Kaivara where he will be packing tinned food. Ria is busy with her job too. You might be wondering what she into is. She has started a small scale business of weaving sweaters, carpets. She has hired a few women and manages to supply the stuff to a boutique in Bangalore and some local places. She is happy with her job too and has a satisfaction of helping the needy by employing them. Ram and ria visit Bangalore once in a month for their business purpose. Ria is quiet excited with her new work. “Business lady” as her friends call her. Den has decided to study abroad. His dad says he is still not matured enough to join his business. So he will be pursuing his higher education. Den’s happy too… Happy to go back into student phase and hang around with girls!!!! Typical enough…

What do you think? Is Rams decision a right one? It’s a point to think.
Why 9 out of 10 engineers join IT? Are there no options available or we don’t want to explore these options?

About the Author: Gouree Deshpande/ Manjarekar was campus recruited in Mindtree consultancy and Cognizant. She worked for Mindtree for a few months. She now runs an institute “Gurukul centre for learning”. She also runs a NGO “Joy Bank”.         

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