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Belagavi District Profile

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Belagavi is the second largest exporter of the state
Belagavi’s total GDP is a whopping INR 159.65 billion contributing 5.3% to state GSDP
Per capita annual income in the district being INR.52, 250
Belagavi devotes 48% of its land for cultivation
Biggest district with 10 Talukas
Belagavi houses India’s first notified Aerospace Precision Engineering and Manufacturing SEZ center

The fourth largest city, Belagavi houses India’s first notified Aerospace Precision Engineering and Manufacturing SEZ center. Rich deposits of bauxite and 200 foundries producing over 70,000 tons of automotive and industrial casting of ferrous base has made it an important center for manufacture of heavy machine tools and high pressure oil hydraulics.

belagavi mapThe locational advantage of being right in the middle of Bengaluru – Mumbai region is a major advantage in developing the region as a support base for Automobile and Aerospace industries here. Belagavi spread across 13,433 sq. km comprises of 10 taluks namely Athani, Ballhongal, Belagavi, Chikkodi, Gokak, Hukkeri, Khanapur, Ramdurg, Raybag & Saundatti.


Belagavi is the second largest exporter of the state. Belagavi’s total GDP is a whopping INR 159.65 billion contributing 5.3% to state GSDP with the per capita annual income in the district being INR.52, 250. However, the GDDP trend is 4.3% CAGR from 2007-8 to 2012-13; with the agriculture and allied industries at the top with 8.1% contributions.


Belagavi devotes 48% of its land for cultivation; amongst this cereals and pulses occupying 42% and 6% of the land respectively. It is best known for its fruits & vegetable cultivation next only to Hassan and Kolar districts; Onion, Tomato, Potato, Chilly, Capsicum, Carrot, Mango, Sapota, Banana, Grapes & Papaya are the other major horticultural crops in the region.


Belagavi is at the forefront of infrastructure support and development with India’s first notified Aerospace Precision and Engineering SEZ spread across 300 acres by Quest Global. With 16 industrial estates, 6 industrial areas and one SEZ in the district it has more in the offing.

A land bank of 11,842 acres across the district along with sector specific zone for focused development makes this an ideal destination to invest. Suvarna Karnataka Development Corridor proposes an IT-BT Zone and Apparel Zone to tap the immense potential of 50,000 power looms that provide for 30,000 employments in the district.

The Foundry and Power loom (MSME) cluster in Belagavi promotes Dolls & Toys, Horn & Bone, Metal ware, Artistic Chappals by hand, Pottery & Clay, Terracotta, Textiles Hand Embroidered (Artisans)Clusters defining the rich inventory with niche focus in the region. The Athani chappal artisan cluster is a model example of a well planned growth for the district.

Belagavi is the emerging hub for storage/cold storage infrastructure augmenting the agriculture and allied industries here. 58 Export oriented units, 22 Sugar industries and Raisin and Jaggery cluster in Chikkodi taluk further enhance the agro base industries.

Belagavi Manufacturers Co-op. Industrial Estate is spread over 240 acres with nearly 200 units operating here. The Dabol-Bengaluru Gas pipeline that passes through the district adds to the growing infrastructure with industrial focus in the region

Presently 54 Large and Medium Industry with a total investment of 385 billion co-exist with the 44,142 varied SSI units amounting to 14.44 billion in aggregated investment.


Belagavi has different agro climatic conditions and soil types that enable its agriculture and allied sector. The district employs a major part of its cultivable land i.e its 48% of net sown area for agriculture to commercial cropping. It has 26% of land remaining with it along with 12% of uncultivable land and a 14% forest cover.

Belagavi is a treasure home of mineral resources. Apart from the huge limestone reserves, it also has rich deposits of Bauxite, Uranium, Silica Sand, Aluminium, Laterite, Dolomite, Quartzite, China Clay, Moulding and Saundatti fuelling the aluminum industries here.


Belagavi’s Water supply reserves are largely dependent on reservoirs, tanks and canals. Three major rivers, Krishna, Malaprabha and Ghataprabha run through the districts aiding irrigation. Belagavi has an above state average cover for irrigation with over 58% of the net area irrigated.

The district has an average demand of 22.87 ML (industry) and 68.31 ML (domestic) and average consumption is 3.65 ML (industry) and 78.00 Ml (domestic)


HESCOM or Hubballi (Hubli) Electricity Supply Company Limited is handling the power transmission to the district of Belagavi.

The scenario is set for a dramatic change with Solar Photo Voltaic power plant (3MW) with investment INR 2,016 Crore; A Gas based project of 700 MW cleared by state cabinet and a Government approved project with land already allotted for establishing 1320 MW power plant through Private Investment under progress.

The Average annual consumption of power in the region is 526.618 MU for Industrial and 406.376 MU Domestic. However the demand is higher with the Average Demand in the district for Industrial being 2732.65 MU and Domestic at 1429.69 MU


Belagavi has a series of higher education centers including 3 universities to drive the knowledge sphere in the district Visveshwariah Technical University, Rani Chenamma University and KLE University. It has a staggering 180 Degree Colleges along with 9 Engineering Colleges, 15 Polytechnics, 2 Dental College, 2 Medical College and 7 Indian System of Medical Colleges’ that establish the education sector in the district.


The basic civic necessity of good healthcare is well established in Belagavi. The district has 139 Primary healthcare sectors, 344 Private hospitals and Nursing homes, 14 Community health centers, 10 Major hospitals and 39 Government and Indian System of Medicine Hospitals that form an excellent network of healthcare facilities in the region.


The support Infrastructure is well laid out to offer a high degree of connectivity in the region. By road, it has accesses across 3 National Highways while forming a golden quadrilateral as part of Pune Bengaluru National Highway.

Belagavi (Belgaum) has its own domestic airport a mere 7 km away with access to 43 International airports and 2 other domestic airports and 3 sea ports at Goa.


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  1. To Editor: Gas based 700 MW power plant was already proposed in earlier GIM but now it got cleared from Cabinet. It was too delay.

  2. I am from Belagavi….That’s Astonishing and Amazing.. Facts and figures mentioned in this article are just great, hopefully govt does as promised.


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