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Robotics summer camp

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RoboGenius™ program is an initiative of Techtronics Education – a pioneer in Robotics and hands-on learning solutions that are inspired by the Learning By Doing pedagogy to help students bridge the gap between key theoretical concepts and their real world applications. Our program is powered by LEGO® EDUCATION platform.Robotics summer camp belagavigo 

Research at leading global universities such as Carnegie Mellon, New York and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge shows that Robotics is an excellent multidisciplinary platform to impart practical, hands-on learning to children. Students develop scientific enquiry skills which allows them to investigate, plan, test and implement their ideas, enabling them to reach their full potential. Students develop knowledge and skills vital for success in the 21st Century.
To know what the LEGO Education is, RoboGenius™ Belgaum is going to host the awesome Robotics summer camp  programmes. A robotics camp is one of a good deal of engineering summer programs that focus on designing, building, programming and testing of robots. Technologies like construction, programming, use of sensor and its operations are learned, which will help the students wanting to build the careers in the field of STEM (Science, Technology,Engineering and Mathematics). After the robots are built, they are made to do specific tasks and participate in competitions like Robo-race, Sumo fight or Pathfinder Challenge, and it is the camper’s job to make sure that their robots are designed to be well-adapted to the particular task or game. Child also learn valuable life skills, like teamwork, creative problem solving, logical thinking, imagination, leadership, communication, presentation skills, decision-making and social skills.
Duration-2 hours/day, 7days.
Batches starting from 4th May 2015. For registration contact -8762008020,7204241201.
Venue: Dr. B. D. Jatti college, civil hospital road, ayodhya nagar, Belagavi.

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