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Railway Over bridge at Kapileshwar could be delayed

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The work of the Railway overbridge at Kapileshwar road is stopped as the High court has issued notices to the administration after hearing the petition of the residents and shop owners.

The residents and Shop owners have raised the question as to how the location of the RoB has been changed from the earlier CDP plan.railway crossing belgaum

According top the earlier CDP plan the RoB was to start at Hemu Kalani Chowk and end at the cross road of Nartaki theater. Also no notices have been issued to the residents and shop owners, citing all this the High court has granted a stay on the building of the RoB till it hears all the sides.

A total of 48 persons have gone to the court in this regard. The petitioners say that the road will have to be widened to 80 feet from the current 45 feet and this will cause great financial loss to all the owners.

The railway dept has filed an affidavit in the court that they will not destroy or demolish any private property.

The petitioners also said it is easier to build a RoB at old Dharwad road as there is no need to acquire land and the road is also wider.

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