The art of getting selected in Campus Placement Process

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by Suhas Rajput

During the phase of final graduating days, the most common talks among the students circle is to grab a campus placement opportunity which would help them to take-off the career at a lightning speed. And with career offerings across various domains of industry, the students definitely have an array of choices to choose from. Having said this, there also exists a major component called competition for making it to a dream job at the start of the career. Here are a few things that students can follow in order to make the best use of the opportunities offered by companies as a part of campus hiring.

Understanding the Job Description

Job Description or JD (in HR language) is a document prescribing the various skill sets that a company looks amongst the candidates. It also talks about the subject matter knowledge that a candidate is expected to possess for the job he is being interviewed for. Many of the companies spend substantial time in preparing the JD in detail as it very critical for the candidates to know the details of the job and the skill sets needed to perform the given set of tasks on job. It’s been even seen among many sincere and deserving candidates, who give a clear miss in understanding the JD before applying for the job and end up being rejected. It’s imperative to understand that the importance of job description before facing the interview and putting in the right set of efforts to crack the selection process.

Understanding the selection process in details

A conventional system of hiring would involve testing the student’s ability through a written test followed by a face to face interview. But the same system has been tweaked and companies have redesigned various processes to select students through campus placements procedure. We come across selection process which involves an aptitude test – which would be paper based or online mode, written communication test, Group Discussion, telephonic interview and finally one or more rounds of personal interview. We could also see companies conducting the final interview through video conferencing methods across many industries. Companies would be mentioning the selection process in detail and the same comes handy for the students who wish to apply for the job. And knowing the process of selection helps an individual prepare for the job in the better way and land into ones dream job.

Focus on Skills-in-demand and not just acquiring knowledge

With technology taking over on almost every element in the new age jobs, companies today demand skills that needs to be possessed by candidates. Acquiring knowledge has been a traditional responsibility bestowed over all in the student life, but application of the same knowledge is something which is the need of the hour. There have been instances where academically rich students struggle to make a mark in the interview as compared to an average student, who possess and demonstrate the right skill sets in the selection process and gets selected. Skill based learning are an outcome of the very need from the recruiters and would be an essential element to be considered in making a mark in the interview process. Possessing the right set of Communication skills is a common form of skill essential in today’s global career and also seen as the most lacking by various companies among the batch of students graduating and entering the job market.

Demonstrating Etiquette

One of the most basic expectations of the recruiter is demonstration of the the right set of etiquette during the selection process. These include body language, dressing sense, telephonic etiquette and other basic mannerism in presenting professionally to the recruiters. The judgment of the same is majorly towards the behavioral aspect and is viewed by the company very seriously. The right set of etiquette talks about the readiness of the candidate to enter the industry and carrying the responsibility of representing the company and its goodwill in the market professionally.

The concept of campus placement has been in practice from a long time and is an imperative methodology of injecting new talent by various organizations. At the same time, the campus selection process would be seeing a wide change in its methodology and one needs to be well equipped to make the best use of the opportunity available on campus to begin their career. And not to mention this concept would be getting more competitive and tough for the incumbents to make a mark in the entire selection process and bag their dream job.

(About the author: Suhas Rajput, is a certified corporate trainer and student facilitator and heads the Trinity Finishing School in Belagavi)

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  1. Mr.Rajput,

    Appreciate you have given good tips for campus selection and it was really worth reading it but for a reader especially final semester student when he reads “During the phase of final graduating days, the most common talks among the students circle is to grab a campus placement opportunity which would help them to take-off the career at a lightning speed” wouldn’t he be pressurized? I was an engineering student at once and I have gone through that pressure of getting selected in campus. I was fortune to bag an offer through campus but my friend who was really good in coding and much high percentage than me could not get through campus recruitment and he pressed a panic button as the final semester was about to end. It is for the system to blame more than anything professors in Belgaum colleges have to see their own knowledge level, have they done enough research on the technology they teach? What is the latest research happening in the particular technology? Instead of saying focus on skills that are in demand you should make students develop skills what they like and have passion for. For eg: Some students have skills in database administration or network administration which does not involve much coding but java/.net/php any coding is in demand and paid more than admin jobs and you cannot make student think about coding and get into coding job and under perform and ultimately after 4-5 years of career they are neither database experts nor good at coding and find it tough to move in career.


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