SpiceJet Mumbai flight from Belgaum/Belagavi upto Nov 30 only

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The Spicejet Belgaum/Belagavi to Mumbai Flight, which in reality was just a diverted flight from Hubli Airport as it is closed for runway expansion will fly from Belgaum/Belagavi only upto November 30, 2014.

When we tried to book tickets for December 1, 2014 there were no available flights to Mumbai.

We also did a reverse checkup with the Hubballi timings and the same flight was now diverted back to its original route Hubballi – Mumbai.

So travelers will have to get to Hubballi to travel to Mumbai if they have to go by flight.

On September 21, 2014 we had written “SpiceJet to fly to Mumbai only upto Nov 30” seems it is coming out to be true.

Belgaum originally had the Belgaum to Bangalore and return flight in the morning, but as the Hubli airport was closed for the runway expansion, SpiceJet has decided to transfer those flights to Belgaum and flu them.
The good news however is the Belgaum/Belagavi -Bengaluru morning flight will keep flying which is good sign.

From December 1, Belgaum will see only one Flight in the morning to Bangalore as normal. Sources have told that the work on expansion of the Belgaum airport runway would be commenced from December and as there is only one flight in the morning the expansion work can be done the entire day.

May be the FLY bus commenced from Hubballi will now have to be made Belgaum/Belagavi to Hubballi.

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  1. Hubli airport is upgraded to international standards and now Belgaum ‘ll have one flight daily till upgradation is completed by the time it’s ready for take off there will be no takers as Hubli ‘ll have more flights all over metro cities & gulf countries. Belgaum airport known for history was being used by Britishers first govt should have given top priority bgm rather then to Hubli. Belgaum totally lacking in development. When our politicians will open eyes work for over all growth..

  2. How to reach Belguam airport from City.

    Taxi – what will be the approximate price?
    Auto: If no taxi, how much auto fare from Rly station to Airport?
    Public transport: Any other public transport or alternative ways.



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