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7 Days Moving Average Positives Belagavi District

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Moving averages are used to smoothen out spikes on certain days (caused by backlogs clearance etc).

Hence the 7 DMA graph gives a more clear picture of the new cases for COVID-19 and understanding the spike and the fall.

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A moving average means that it takes the past days of numbers, takes the average of those days, and plots it on the graph. For a 7-day moving average, it takes the last 7 days, adds them up, and divides it by 7.

For something like new cases of COVID, you can see why this can be handy: it provides you with an average line over time, and it knocks out these big peaks and valleys to the average over a period of time.

This is just a simple 7 DMA and there could be better ways to showcase the same.

Thanks to Rajendra Pai.

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