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Only one person allowed to be isolated per house

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The Karnataka government issued an order saying all symptomatic Covid-19 cases should be shifted to Covid care centres (CCC) to break the chain of transmission.

Only one person per house is now being allowed for home isolation to prevent the spread of the virus.

Previously, if more than one person in a household was infected with the COVID-19, they were all allowed to be in isolation at home.

However, the municipal administration and the health department have now decided to allow only one person in isolation in one house.

While implementing this, only one person in a house is being allowed in isolation and the rest are being asked to get admitted to the COVID Care Center. This has increased the number of patients at the Govt’s Covid Care Center at Subhashnagar and Kumarsway layout.

The state government had decided to discontinue the home isolation system in villages and talukas.

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2 thoughts on “Only one person allowed to be isolated per house”

  1. The govt must have taken up this step – noticing that the home isolated people are flouting rules and roaming in the market. But on an wider view this will increase a heavy load on the already overloaded and exhausted medical care system in Belgaum. Very soon all hospitals will run out of beds and it will be a havoc for critically ill people.
    Hope the authorities note this and take up suitable changes arrordingly.


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