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AAB Impact – FIR against Unauthorised Aadhar centre

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On August 2, 2016 we published a story Free Aadhar card issued for a fee of 200 in Belagavi, The Enrollment for Aadhar Card is free across the country but even then citizens are being asked to pay upto Rs.200 for new enrollment or even updation of Aadhar card data by a centre in Belagavi. As per the GOI order one can go to the Aadhar Enrollment Centre and ask the operator to Register for Aadhar Card. You need not to pay any Fee or Charge for this but here at the Aadhar kendra, Bauxite Road Belagavi.

aadhar-impactTaking cognizance of this story the Tahshildar after verification has filed a Fir with the APMC police station as this is a unauthorized Aadhar centre.

The commissioner of Police in the press note mentions the same.

aadhar-fee-impactNow this is amazing to know that an unauthorized Aadhar cenre was working then What about the biometric data that was captured by the centre?

Did the people there get Valid aadhar cards after they applied from there?

This raises a lot of questions on the working of this Aadhar enrollment service it self.

2 thoughts on “AAB Impact – FIR against Unauthorised Aadhar centre”

  1. Bro…
    Do you know why this is happens, Today I was waiting at Tahasildar to enroll Aadhar from 1 to 3 pm, but the guy who suppose to take application and other bla,,, blaa and completes whole process was not available, after fed up with this finally called Tahasildar introducint myself… so and so.
    In response to that, Tahasildar called me and clarified myself is also unable to contact him… if things goes fine otherwise he will be changed, along with more than 20 people are waiting to enrol themselves for Aadhar the attitude of deputed staff, creates room go gain something from missing….

  2. Great Job Sir, I believe in India against corruption ABB is lead by example , I want to request on comment of Mr Satish coz my name is Satish too , It doesn’t matter if you wait but force the govt official to deliver their said duty and ask the guy responsible for taking the application, in hierarchy you have all rights to go to DC Mr N jayram in this case if the Tehsildar doesn’t respond to your grievances , had been there I would have taken all 20 people along , change yourself to become and element of change and do not encourage the shabby center like one in bauxite road


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