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Bahubali Ticket price goes down to 170 from 250 after 200 price cap

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The state government on Tuesday issued the government order capping the maximum price of movie tickets, in all theatres including multiplexes, at Rs 200.

The impact is now visible the ticket prices for Bahubali which were hiked to 250 now the same Gold class ticket at the same time slot is available for Rs.170.


bahubali-tktInox and Carnival Cinemas were charging charging in the range from 180 – 250 now they have come down to 120 to 170 for respective classes.

Carnival Cinemas is now charging now 100 to 150.

The state has exempted Gold class seats from the capping. The government has laid down conditions for these exemptions, citing the Gold class seats cannot be more than 10 per cent of the total number of seating capacity of the movie theatre. Further, exemption has also been provided for the high end movie theatres like IMAX and 4DX.

This is a welcome step for the citizens as they can enjoy the movie now at lower costs.

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