Baahubali 2 ticket prices hiked

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Much awaited behemoth Baahubali 2 is being described as one of the most expensive films ever made in India, will also make you cough up more for the tickets.

Bahubali-the-ConfusionSlated for the April 28 release, fans are rushing in to book their tickets for the weekend. However, they were in for a big shock as the advance booking shows that the theaters are charging in the range from 180 – 250 and for single screen theaters as well prices have been hiked and range between 120 to 150.

bahu-tktINOX is charging from 180 to 250 for its various classes

Carnival Cinemas is charging from 180 to 240 for its various classes

Globe, Hira and Prakash is charging from 120 to 150 for its various classes.

The ticket prices have been hiked especially for this movie alone sources said.

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  1. Better to wait for a month it will be shown in some channels free of cost. Unnecessary don’t pay more. It’s only in our Karnataka only this will not happen in Tamilnadu and AP

  2. Wat!!!! Logo ko loot rahe ho kya… Bhai profit karo lekin opportunity hai karke looto mat… Rules r der fr chargin maxim ticket rates… Dont charge as per ur wish … Bloody Theatrs..

  3. Why you people’s paying more money don’t go to theatrs if they charge more. When theatrs become empty automatically they will down price. And after some day’s it will show in TV channels.


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