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Prof. Dr. R. J. Galgali passes away

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Dr. Ramachandra Jivaji Galagali, a former professor of chemistry and Dean of the Science faculty in the Benares Hindu University passed away in KLE hospital on Tuesday, he was 91.


galgaliHe was working in the fields of mysticism, intuition and spirituality. He was also a former member of the Higher Education Services Commission of Uttar Pradesh.

10 thoughts on “Prof. Dr. R. J. Galgali passes away”

  1. It’s a very big personal loss to me. Will always remember his love and affection that he showered on me and my family. I have lost something really big. I won’t say let his soul rest in peace but I know his soul has merged with God

  2. Sudden Demise of our prof Dr.R.J Galagali (91) Retired professor of chemistry & former Dean of students Bananas Hindu University & former member uttar pradesh government Higher Education service Commission Allahabad. & He was working in the field of Mysticism, intuition and Spirituality .His effort & contribution to the society will Always remembered it’s great loss to us. He was liveing god on earth .May his soul rest in peace

  3. My dearest Uncle
    I will always miss you. Your going away has created a vacuum that none can fill.
    May your soul rest in peace.
    Jyoti Sharma

    • Madam sorry to k ow that Prof Galgali is no more ,wanted to meet him can you refer me any other person with similar powers
      Thanks n Regards

  4. The Greatest and Simplest person I ever saw in my life My Shaastanga NAMASKARA to my GURUJI ,today my feelings and language fails to express my gratitude and regards to my GURUJI,,my heart is weeping for my GURUJI

  5. Dr. Galagli…God bless you sir .

    I have never met a man in my life who was so connected with God And could help so many people .

    His guidance has helped me immensely.

    True guru.

    My love and respect for the master.


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