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Let us make North Karnataka a desert

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Mountain top forest of Western ghats trigger monsoon.
South west monsoon winds coming from the Arabian sea climb the western ghats and cool down.

snk-svsThe moist mountain top (crest) forest on top of the western ghats turns this winds into clouds and rain, triggering the monsoon for the North Karnataka and the entire India.

We are planning to destroy the mountain top (crest) forest in the western ghats, in the direction of south west monsoon winds, by constructing 9 dams and canal network for water diversion in a span of 100 kms.

This will drastically reduce the rainfall in North Karnataka and the catchment areas of Malaprabha, Ghataprabha, Markandeya rivers and the rain dependent agricultural area and turn North Karnataka into a DESERT.

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Dams will divert the water away from this forest to destroy them further.

The proposed construction of dams, to divert the water to satisfy the short term needs of a very few, we will be creating problems for majority of population in the North Karnataka who are completely dependent on rain.

We will not use common sense to realize that, to get short tern benefits, we should not ignore the long term losses.

The north Karnataka is experiencing the high rate of desertification, due to utter mismanagement of the available water resources. By diverting Mahadayi away from forest, let’s make it a desert faster. it won’t be long, when people start owning herds of camels to travel in North Karnataka.

Hence, let’s construct these dams, divert the water, destroy the crest forest, reduce the rain fall, lets convert the region into beautiful dessert landscape and enjoy the camel rides….

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Expected desertification . .

1) Belagavi

2) Kalaburgi

3) Bagalkot

4) Vijapura

5) Dharwad

6) Bidar

7) Gadag

Save North Karnataka Initiative: Life, livelihood and future depends upon availability of water. There is a rapid depletion of water and desertification of North Karnataka. 
This is an initiative, to create awareness  of dangers and solutions  to those who are at risk.
The Save North Karnataka Initiative is by a group of RESEARCHERS who have in depth knowledge about the topography and impact of change and all points are based on the observations of Mahadayi Water Tribunal.

2 thoughts on “Let us make North Karnataka a desert”

  1. Though I understand that you care a lot about this cause, this article is only an opinion. There are no facts here which support your claim of desertification. If we want people to take this problem seriously, we need to prove our claim. So please, the next time you write, state facts which will inspire people to fight for our environment

  2. I agree with Arvind…. there so many projects in India, much bigger than above proposed projects, which are constructed in the middle of the jungle of western ghats, but still those regions have not turned into desert…. I am not understanding what AAB wants to prove with the above article….


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