Medicinal plants to adorn Vaccine Depot

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In a meeting held at the Vaccine depot today it was decided to make a Medicinal plants garden at the Vaccine depot which is due to be converted into a Heritage park under the Smart city project.

Minister for Urban Development Shri R Roshan Baig, Minister for Health Ramesh Kumar & Shalini Rajneesh Principal Secretary, Health & Family Welfare Department held a detailed meeting today morning on the way this will be taken forward.

shaliniThe total expenditure is expected to be around Rs. 25 crores and will be spent from the Smart city project funds.

Sashidhar Kurer made a presentation of the entire project prepared by Prof Mehta of the Delhi School of Planning.

Since 2008 there is a plan to made Vaccine depot as Heritage park, but nothing really has moved on the ground.

A glass house has already come up at the Vaccine Depot.

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