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Green Saviours Protect a Tree from felling

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The Green Saviours team managed to prevent the chopping of a huge Rain Tree that is almost over 20 years old. The incident came to light on 22nd Nov 2016 when one of the team members spotted the contractor chopping off a branch of a tree.

After a conversation with the contractor, it was discovered the the chopping of the tree was sanctioned by the Department of Forestry since the complainant had lodged a complaint saying the tree was dangerous.

gs-tree-saveThe Green Saviours team communicated with the RFO and others in the Department and deferred the felling of the tree to 23rd Nov 2016. The team network was activated and on the 23rd Nov, about 20 members went and requested the resident to cancel the idea of destroying the tree. Thankfully, he agreed and the situation was resolved.

Most trees in town are chopped because citizens have problems with the trash caused by the falling leaves. Considering the fact that a full grown rain tree has a crown of about 15 meters and absorbs over 28 tons of carbon dioxide in a year (as per an Indonesian study), it is important that we save each tree. The branches causing problems can be pruned but the tree needs to live.

The Green Saviours team has since pursued several other trees which had similar sanctions and are happy to have convinced three other residents to withdraw the application.

The team is working it out so that the application received by the forest dept is examined by the team and the reality assessment done so that only the necessary and limited action can be taken.

If any citizens in Belagavi have information about the destruction of such tress, please contact Green Saviours on 9611313919.

Every tree saved is an invaluable asset to the greenery and consequently the climate in the city.

2 thoughts on “Green Saviours Protect a Tree from felling”

  1. Before Belgaum become a desert Belagavi need each one from Belagavi to support for GREENER Belagavi..
    Citizens ,pl support for this right cause Seriously and sincerely..
    Stop killing trees before the nature start killing our upcoming generations health.

  2. More informative message about the Rain Tree.
    Hats off to entire “Team Green Saviours”
    I would like to join hands to save trees & support the future generation.


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