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BCCI submits memorandum for infra-structural needs of Belgaum

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The Belgaum Chambers of Commerce and Industries submitted a memorandum enlisting the infra-structural needs of the growing city today to the Shri.M.N.Vidyashankar, Principle Secretary, Commerce & Industries Department, Government of Karnataka.

Over the years it is observed that the City of Belgaum has not grown to the extent its neighbouring towns have, even though it can boast of as the second largest exporting City in the State. Reasons could be many and it is not our intention to deliberate on the same.

Infrastructure Development: The roads of Belgaum industrial estates are the worst example of the bad Governance and you will be sorry to note that some of our Guests from Foreign countries are not even ready to step in Belgaum looking at bad roads of industrial estate. An immediate attention should be given for the Road work and the work carried out should be of high quality. Being very alert citizens of Belgaum, we would like to supervise the work to be carried out & monitor the Public money utilized. 

City Development Plan: The existing CDP plan is defective and was planned some long back which is putting hurdles in the overall development of the city. The plan has to be revised every five years looking at the growth of the city and we hereby, invite your attention for the revival of the same.

Till Today no effort has been taken to implement the new CDP Plan. Enhanced floor space index (FSI) for construction activity can also be included in the same.

Beautification of Belgaum : Belgaum is rich with natural beauty; Government has to spend substantial amounts to make it ecologically beautiful and pleasant living. In this connection we request you to implement a plan to make Belgaum as a Tourist center and develop accordingly.

Youth Tourism and adventure tourism can be developed from Khanapur to Dandeli area as this area is gifted with natural flora & fauna.DSC 1289


  1. Passenger Services :

The Rail connection to bigger cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad is not convenient forcing the people to depend on the risky and uncomfortable road transport. The Express trains take almost twelve hours to cover the distance between Belgaum and Bangalore on one side and Belgaum and Mumbai on the other side. This is especially due to the circuitous rail routes which are more than few decades old. The distances can be reduced by laying new rail lines.

There are two passenger trains leaving Hubli Junction in the evening to reach Bangalore in the morning. One of these trains could start its journey in the evening starting from Belgaum and go via Dharwad, Hubli, Gadag, Bellary route to reach Bangalore in the morning.

Similarly, one train can start from Hubli Junction in the forenoon to pass through Dharwad, Belgaum, Miraj, and Pune and reach Mumbai early in the morning. This will reduce the dependence of the travelers on the only train running between Bangalore and Mumbai via Hubli and Belgaum which generally runs fully occupied.

We believe that a few months ago a Holiday Special Train on trial basis was plying between Hubli and Solapur via Belgaum, Miraj and Pune. This was a very convenient mode of transport for the passengers from Hubli, Dharwad and Belgaum traveling to and from Pune.

Prior to the rail conversion from Meter Gauge to Broad Gauge there were a few trains between Miraj Junction and Vasco-da-Gama in Goa. But now we do not have any train other than the one train that runs between Goa and Hazarat Nizam Ud-Din, Delhi which also runs only in the late evening and therefore, is very inconvenient. So, a few Passenger Trains can be introduced between Miraj Junction and Goa via Belgaum.

Additional Trains:

  1. New train from Miraj to Bangalore.
  2. New train from Hubli to Mumbai.
  3. Restoring the train service from Hubli to Solapur via Pune.
  4. Swarna Jayanti Express to Hazarat Nizamuddin from Mysore be made a daily train
  1. Goods Services :

It is felt that the Railway Authorities should approach the traders and industries in the town and appeal them to make maximum use of the Railway transport facilities. The Chamber will be ready to offer their best services and assistance to the Railways in improving their goods transport business to and from Belgaum. A few years ago, due to the efforts of the Chamber the Railways established an ICD at Desur about 10 kms from Belgaum station and CONCOR started its operations ever since. To the best of our knowledge the ICD facility is not fully utilized by the exporters and importers from Belgaum as their looks to be some operational hazard. It is possible for the Railways and CONCOR to overcome the same and offer a hazel-free service. The Chamber will be much willing to resolve the problematic issues that are being currently faced by CONCOR to the best of its ability.

(iii) Station Facilities :

It is heartening to note that the South Western Railway Authorities have undertaken the renovation of the station premises and the work is in full swing. A suggestion is to allow the passenger entry and exit from the eastern side of the station as well, which can be approached from the Goods Shed Road, Belgaum. This will be convenient to a large number of passengers staying in Raviwar Peth, Fort, Gandhinagar, Mal Maruti Extension, Shahapur, Vadgaon, Angol, Hindwadi, Tilakwadi (East), Khasbag and other Eastern and South Eastern suburbs of the City and would reduce the traffic congestion at the Western side of the station.

A vending machine may be installed at the entrance of the station to draw the Platform tickets so that long queues can be avoided. This facility, if possible, may also be provided on the platform near to the exit gate to facilitate those passengers who may have, due to an oversight, not taken a Platform ticket.


To make the optimum use of the available facilities; a flight from Bangalore may depart early in the morning to either Hubli or Belgaum and fly onwards to Mumbai. A reciprocal flight may also commence its air travel from Mumbai to Bangalore almost at the same time via Hubli or Belgaum. Similarly, two flights can commence its operations from Bangalore and Mumbai each via Hubli or Belgaum in the late evening. Such flights may touch Belgaum and/or Hubli on the alternate days when the passengers from the other city can use the four lanes National Highway to reach the airport where the flight is scheduled to land. This will facilitate the passengers to travel to Bangalore and Mumbai in the morning and return back in the evening saving on the many incidentals and lodging expenses in both these metros. At the same time both the cities will have the benefits of flying daily either from the city where the passenger stays or from the city which is 100 kms. away. Since, the flight is landing only at one airport the airport services of only one airbase will be used thereby saving on the airport taxes and incidentals from the point of view of the passengers. Thus, the tickets also will be in an affordable range for the flyers.


Belgaum is connected with Goa by four roads passing through four points on the Western Ghats.

Two of these roads pass through Maharashtra on the North Western direction. One of the two roads passing through Karnataka is identified as National Highway (NH) 4A. Panaji the Capital of Goa is about 155 kms. from Belgaum via NH 4A whereas this distance is reduced by almost 40 kms. if the other road in Karnataka is used. But this shorter road is currently not a motorable road. It is very much necessary that this shorter route via Jamboti to Panaji, Goa be first made motorable and then converted to a four lanes highway on top most priority.

Chorla Road: Goa to Belgaum connected by Chorla ghat is supposed to be the nearest road for international airport in Goa. The road work has already started but there is 12 KM patch which is most pathetic. Chorla route should be made allowed only for small vehicles.

Road from IIIrd Railway gate to Peeranwadi cross( 9th Km): This road is in very bad shape for last 6 to 7 years, no one has taken any care. Every time the above offices are placing the balls in others court.


Belgaum has about seven level crossings passing through the City out of which it is learnt that at five such crossings near the most crowded areas in the town appropriate over-bridge / under-bridge for vehicular traffic is proposed to be constructed. It is learnt that the Railways have agreed to share the financial burden and the rest has to be contributed from the State Government exchequer. Considering the tremendous vehicular traffic congestion that takes place immediately after the train passes is seen to be believed. Therefore, the work for the construction of Railway over-bridges / under-bridges wherever finalised must be commenced immediately.


The vehicular traffic on both these roads has increased many-fold in the last decade and records at least one fatal accident every fortnight. The subject of widening both these roads is discussed at every possible occasion and forum. It is confirmed that the budget for the same is approved and the implementation of the project of converting the road from Third Railway Gate to V. T. U. and Dharwad Road into a four lanes road has now to be commenced.

Truck terminals at Desur on NH4A , Kakti & Halga on NH4A is required as the density of truck traffic is immense.


A few years ago the construction of a Ring Road on the peripheral of the City of Belgaum was being discussed and some breakthrough was made. For last few years it seems that the subject is sidelined. Having a Ring Road is an urgent need of the hour to reduce the pressure on the City roads. So, revive the plans of constructing the Ring Road on the outskirts of the City.

Desur IT Park:

Desur IT Park is developed since 3years ago. It is lying un-utilized. As there is tremendous demand for Industrial plots from existing Small & Medium Scale units for expansion. As no land is available,the existing unutilized park can be given to existing industries.

More police stations to handle law & order and crimes menace is also suggested. industrial estate being established near Belgaum should and must provide all these 5-Star facilities and in addition offer such other benefits that will attract the industries. This estate must turn out to be a boon to the local industries as well as to the sons of the soil through the employment generation.

Most of the big towns in the Country have a FM Radio Station of All India Radio. Belgaum being one of the largest towns in the State is yet deprived of a FM Radio station. As such, the City should have a FM Radio Station of its own.

9 thoughts on “BCCI submits memorandum for infra-structural needs of Belgaum”

  1. These are the basic infrastructure which should have as a fast growing city. Belgaum has all the necesarry talent pool,resources except infrastructure.I wish the concernoing authority will take steps on the points mentaioned

  2. What we lack is a policitical will, our local MP and MLA are only confined to acquiring lands for their perosnel gains and future real estate projects, Shri.M.N.Vidyashankar cant alone do much , I had earlier submitted a blue print for 360 deg developent of Belguam , it means in all strata of civil and infrasturcter ,Power industrial education and echological balance which is the main factor attracts lot of people to settle here.,only one dream got realized was RCU and 110KV power station in Udyam baug most what Belgaum lack is
    Rail connectitivty
    Belgaum Kittur Dharwad (to link faster ocnnectivity to Bangalore)
    Belgaum Bagalkote Riachur Hydrabad
    Belgaum Bijapur Gulbarga
    Belgaum Goa expressway
    Belgaum Gokak Athani (initerior road)
    city development plan BUDA Belgaum developemtn Authority should take farmers in confidence for developing new layouts with profit sharing partnership
    Sustainable devlopemnt wihtout disturbing or shrinking lakes/pond size or green scapes
    All offices to be relocated in Belguam instead of Mysore and Bangalore regional centers
    The admin office in Belguam still have a lot of its divsional and admin ofices moved to Dharwad need to be relocated back to Belgaum
    New industrial areas
    Belgaum major trade is foundry and engineering still doesnt have a single automobile plant , the next Automobile plant should be in Belguam
    Aerospace , the govt itself has raised a competitor for QUEST SEZ with making an aerospace SEZ by govt at Bangalore.
    Do the politicans beuracrats and so called elcted representaitves of Belguam ahve this will to do some good change

  3. What i see is 400 crore ‘White Elephant (Suvarna Soudha) on one side & the BCCI’s long wishlist on other side. What did belgaum need the most the White Elephant or the developmental projects?

    Also spending money on projects without scientific study and systematic planning is also waste. Take example of recent Development (substandard) work of Roads and drainage line in city. Utter waste of people’s money.


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