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Call for nominations for the award Belgaumite of the year 2012


Yes it is back, the one and only award by public voting in the city and you have a chance to vote for your best Belgaumite of the year 2012.

Selection Process


Level – 1: Editorial Board draws the list of Nominees

Level – 2: More nominations are called from the public

Level – 3: ‘The Jury’ ratifies the list of Nominees

The AAB jury will constitute of selected 50 persons, After receiving nominations, the jury will evaluate and finalize the nominees. The jury consists of people from various backgrounds and included professionals in the field of IT, recruitment, banking, academics, Painters, Photographers, Chartered Accountants, reporters, businessmen and senior citizens.

Level – 4: The Citizens Vote ( Voting would be on Allaboutbelgaum.com website and also on Facebook page of AAB. 50% weightage would be given to both the votes and final scores made)

Nomination Criteria:

Any individual who has contributed significantly to the welfare of Belgaum in the year 2012

Any individual from Belgaum who’s achieved a significant feat in the year 2012.

Any individual from Belgaum who’s brought laurels and fame to Belgaum in the year 2012

Any individual who has made Belgaum proud in the year 2012.

Last date for sending nominations along with achievements is December 12, 2012.


One can comment here or send an mail to pr@allaboutbelgaum.com



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