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E governance at its worst

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The state of Karnataka boasts of its self as a IT friendly state and also in E governance. But its claims are all false the best and simple examples and we have posted this earlier as well, but no one seems to be interested in updating.

Look at the this is not updated from 2006.rcwebsite

Oh god a government website is not updated for over SIX years it has those old MLAs and MP’s list. Now we have Belgaum North south and Rural but the website shows only one Belgaum.
Websites are made by the government so that it helps the people.

But if they are not updated what is the use on spending on such sites and even maintaining such ones.
The Assembly session is currently going on in the city and most of the national media always rely on such websites to get authenticated info.

It is a shame on the Govt that it cannot update a simple website.

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  1. The officails at District information cell and NIC center , sucks big time, they have no creativity or vision to keep public informed amd known for mainitiang shabby website, it shows thier attitiude .


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