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Belagavi also in the list for station redevelopment

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Belagavi is one of India’s 8,495 railway stations which has partially-roofed platforms with no different departure and arrival lounges, simultaneous movement of parcels and passengers, haphazard spread of vendors and parking and poor lighting.

But it may not be for long as Belagavi station is one of 411 stations selected under A1 & A category for redevelopment. But the actual date of commencing work cant be told as the process involves a new bidding system and it will be done station by station and currently anyone can send in their Expression of Interest for any station redevelopment.

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As announced in the Rail Budget 2015-16, it has now been proposed to offer stations for redevelopment on as is where is basis, by inviting open bids from interested parties with their designs and business ideas duly providing for amenities and other requirements of the Railways. However, the process for redevelopment of stations would continue. The entire cost of station redevelopment is to be met by leveraging commercial development of vacant separable land and air space in and around the station. Initially, A1 & A Category stations are proposed to be offered for redevelopment through this process.

Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs for linking smart cities with our station development programme. There can’t be any smart city unless there’s a smart railway station. If 100 smart cities are created, there will redevelopment of at least 100 stations.

Biggest ever station redevelopment programme taking place anywhere in the world

Boston Consulting Group is preparing the overall strategy; EY also roped in

Most stations are being redeveloped on PPP model by modifying the Swiss challenge model.

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