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Belgaum to get underground electric cables

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Project will take 18 months for implementation
Underground lines reduce interruptions in power supply

HESCOM is working on laying underground (UG) cables in Belgaum city to prevent dangling wires, which pose danger to residents, especially during the monsoon. This Project envisages for Conversion of existing 11 KV Over Head Line to UnderGround cable system in Belgum City. The entire cost of the project is Rs.239.3 Crores.

The total length of the trunk line is 230 kms and that of the Loop line is 703 kms. The Conversion of existing 11 KV Over Head Line to UG cable system in Belgaum City is likely to be commenced by the first quarter of the 2015. The tender for the same has been floated. The Completion & Commissioning period is 18 months( Excluding Monsoon) from the date of issue of order.


  1. Laying of 3CX240Sqmm and 3CX95 HT. XLPE UG Cable for Looping of existing DTC’s between the Proposed RMUs.
  2. Laying of 3CX400Sq mm XLPE HT UG Cable for 11kV Trunk lines.
  3. Providing 11kV Class VCB Type MEI Make Compact RMU’s at the following locations.

After replacing overhead power lines would result in reducing the number of interruptions in power supply due to falling of trees, overturning of poles and snapping of power conductors. Also it was possible to reduce the energy losses by switching over to underground cables.


Trunk Line Length of Trunk line 400sq mm (in Km)Cost of Estimate Part- A Trunk line Rs. In LacsNo. of RMUs Cost of Estimate Part- B RMUs Rs. In Lacs Length of loop line (in Km)Cost of Estimate (Loop) Rs. In LacsTotal Cost of Estimate (Trunk+RMU+Loops) Rs. In LacsDTCs covered
     95 sqmm   
F5 Vadgoan from 110KV Vadgaon to 110KV Suvarna Soudha12.5406.72457.0120.3382.51846.2362
F3 Adarsh Nagar from 110KV Vadgaon to F3 Hindwadi from 33KV RM212393.43799.7240731.111224.2692
F8 Shahapur from 33KV RM2 to f4 Bazar galli from 110KV Vadgaon12.1396.8410142.4450937.111476.39146
Tilakwadi to Guruprasad Colony13.35431.05799.7278.61495.712026.48261
NANAWADI + BHAVANI NAGAR10.7356.97685.4832.6584.961027.4260
F5-DUCH + F1- UDYAMBAG7.5267.71799.7218.6357.01724.4465
KLE + VIDYA NAGAR11.5379.05799.7219.3365.2843.9761
GIT + HULIYAR6225.88685.4826.8516.99828.3598
ARUN + PHADKE4.2175.7685.489183.55444.7346
BEMCO + UDHYAMBAG5.1200.96799.7212239.16539.8454
MAJGAON + SHANTI IRON3.1144.09228.539.2162.49335.113
F2 BHAGYA NAGAR + F3 RPD9.8332.288113.9653.161021.691467.93190
Shree Nagar + Shivalaya + Auto Indl.6.2232.13685.4827573.3890.91171
Hindalco + Yamnapur9.8331.18571.2416.6318.03720.4658
Shivaji Nagar + Shettygalli 4.9195.46799.7220.2397.74692.9285
Vaibhav Nagar + hanuman Nagar7.4264.96685.4821.9446.78797.22114
Kanbargi + Fort 7.1256.08457.0113.4276.56589.6574
Mahantesh Nagar + Ramthirth Nagar5.9223.78685.4814.9313.18622.4590
Sadashiv Ngr + Hanuman Nagar7.5267.93799.7227.2565.71933.36156
Civil Hospital + City7.9279.569128.229.5603.141010.91155
Azad Ngr + Hosur7.1256.52685.4820.1372.47714.4853
Dharwad Rd + Suvarna Soudha8.9306.35457.0111.2205.06568.4226
Old Belgaum + Suvarna Soudha7.8275.62457.0117310.04642.6738
Basavan Kudachi + Suvarna Soudha17.8554.73571.2418.3328.68954.6634
Fort Road + Patil Galli6.1228.41571.2416.6315.21614.8754
Khade Bazar + Maruti Galli9.5323.27571.2415.9312.39706.966
Cantonment + Sahayadri Nagar9.1313.411156.6864.21215.371685.45205

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