Chamber submits suggestions for road safety and traffic problems

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The Belgaum Chamber of Commerce & Industries today gave a list of suggestions to the DC Anubukumar regarding road safety and traffic issues in the city of Belgaum.

The following points were put forward:

1.City Area:

A.In the heart of Market area ie, Kanda market, Nargunkar Bhave Chowk, Mensi Galli, Ganapat Galli etc all hawkers should stand on the specified place marked by traffic police. Hawkers & vegetable vendors to be restricted within the areas marked especially in Onion market, Ganapat galli and Market areas. They should be given guidance by taking them into confidence for the above purpose.

B. Deputation an ASI & traffic constable at existing Police chowky in Kanda market for better traffic administration.

C. There is a Heavy traffic congestion from Khadebazar II Phase ie, from Monappa Pan shop to Pai Hotel near CBT which should be regularized and all the hurdles should be removed.

D. There is heavy traffic congestion from Samadevi Galli to Narvekaer Galli, which is due to two wheeler parking in Narvekar Galli. We request you to make no parking zone in Narvekar Galli for smooth movement of traffic.

E. On Khanapur Road, specifically near Big Bazar, two wheeler parking is causing congestion in traffic, it should be made strictly one sided alternatively.

F. The department should take strict action for ideal parking of vehicles in market areas. Steps should be taken to allow parking at one side from Jina chowk to Karnataka chowk. We also request you to take strict action for unauthorized parking especially 4 wheeler in Deshpande Galli, Ansurkar galli, Kelkar bag.

2. Four Wheeler parking in bazaar areas:

We request you to allow four wheeler parking at open space near Inox, Sardar high school ground and near Kalamandir. New parking zones should be identified for lowering the traffic burden.

3.Chamber has received lot complaints regarding illegal parking of trucks & heavy vehicles on NH4 highway near Kakti. This kind of indiscipline in the parking attracts many fatal accidents near Kakti to Belgaum on NH4 road. So department should look into this serious matter and provide a truck terminal near Kakti on war front footage.

4. Basveshwar Circle: A signal facility should be provided in Basveshwar circle, as due to addition of one more two lane road to the said circle, which creates confusion among the riders. There are many schools nearb.

5.Udyambag area: There is a urgent need of signal near Bemco cross because it is difficult to cross the road at this point. Traffic signals on Deshmukh road and Ist gate should be started.

Speed breakers should be technically made on all the roads.

6. One month back we have been told that the traffic police department is going to install new kind of speed breakers in many specified areas of Belgaum & it has been installed. Due to some reason which we don’t know, they were removed immediately. So we request you to implement them as early as possible. Speed breakers should be technically made as per the government norms.

7. For last 5 to 6 years Belgaum has grown like anything from all sides. There are many extension areas and also population of 2 wheeler & 4 wheelers increased tremendously. Due to this we urge & request the concerned authorities to increase the strength of traffic constables, as we think the present strength is not sufficient to handle the traffic.

8. Now Belgaum has become an educational hub. Maximum two wheeler population consists of youngsters between the age group of 16 to 22 years. Due to their irresponsible riding, in the past many accidents have taken place in this area. So we request you to depute a traffic constable near all the major colleges of Belgaum. There should be speed limit board near the college zone.

9. We request the concerned authority to take into confidence the Rikshaw owners association of Belgaum to implement electronic meters for the same.

We really appreciate & congratulate the team of regional traffic officers & traffic police to implement many new technologically well equipped ideas in Belgaum, such as interceptors, blackberry survelance etc. We request the department to make maximum use of such kind of technologies for the traffic discipline in Belgaum.

10.All the bus stops should be away from traffic signals. Example: Railway station traffic signal. It should be made 3 meters inside the road.

11. We request you to depute a constable at Manickbag cross to Kapileshwar temple ie, Mahadwar road as there is lot of irregular parking and congestion is frequent.

12. We request you to make one way traffic from Kapileshwar temple to the railway gate for 3 & 4 wheelers. It should be implemented strictly.

13. From Killa circle to Khimjibhai petrol pump there is always a situation of congestion due to wadap & tempos are parked irregularly.


2 thoughts on “Chamber submits suggestions for road safety and traffic problems”

  1. @ C C I
    Your suggestions to D C are fine but you are not mentioning about the condition of tarred roads in the city. Newly laid roads are not good enough for the one season.You must jointly visit the few roads with corporation and P W D officials to show them their nation building work.
    Regarding the new type (!) speed breaker , seems you are ignorant about the facts that they were fixed on mud instead of road resting on strong base.This blog had a story on those speed breakers.
    C C I is body of professionals and they must pull ( drag ) these lethargic corporation work supervisors/engineers and contractors ( hope some of contractors are also honourable member of C C I).
    Hope authorities will try to implement some of your suggestions to ease the traffic problems.

  2. Also some steps have to be taken towards the regular flow of existing city buses and some new routes connecting
    chennamma nagar- tilakwadi- govaves – vadgaon/shahapur,
    railway station – Bogarves – chennamma – kle hospital.
    railway station – bogarves – chennamma-CBT.
    Which would reduce the dependence of common man on autos.


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