Manholes closed but in what fashion

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AAB had made a story on July 26, 2012 Open manholes posing threat regarding and open man hole near Sant Meera School.

Now the same has been covered by the corporation and a message was posted on their page stating the same.manhole belgaum

But have a look at the manner in which the same manhole has been closed, man hole has been closed but a big stone has been now placed which is now causing hindrance to traffic and causing accidents, says Vignesh Shanbag who had first reported this.

Mr.Shanbag says like this there are many open manholes in Angol area and asks “are we waiting for something major to happen?”


3 thoughts on “Manholes closed but in what fashion”

  1. There is a open manhole on the left turn from Mahaveer Bhavan. It has been open for almost a month now. There are small kids playing nearby. I am pretty sure they are waiting for someone to die.

  2. It is really sad you’re good efforts going unnoticed; none of our corporation official’s are taking any concrete steps to solve these manhole problems. I believe unless and until any VVIP vehicle struck in that manhole then might our corporation wakeup. Very poor administration/management shame on our elected corporate & BGM city corporation officials.


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