Citizens need not pay users fee to door-to-door Garbage collectors


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There have been various concerns and complaints we received regarding the Door to Door Garbage collectors and the fees charged by them.

Currently the Belagavi city corporation under Section 103 (B) (2) of The Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976, is collecting the solid waste management cess along  with property tax.

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Hence each one is paying up the solid waste management cess along with the Property tax and hence there is no need to pay users’ fee to door-to-door Garbage collectors.

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But it has come to our notice that even now some citizens are paying upto Rs.50 per month to the Garbage collector which is clearly illegal and unwarranted.

The city corporation had floated tenders and will is paying the Contractors for the same.

Once the civic body collected the cess, the contractors have no scope to complain that the door-to-door collection was affected because of non-payment by public. It would force them to collect the garbage from all waste generators. The door-to-door collection of waste was aimed at making the city bin free.

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  1. In Nanawadi Ashraya Colony and the new Bella vista area no Garbage collection taking place for last 4 months. All complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

    Expect at least twice a week. Personally have been composting wet garbage and dumping dry garbage in corporation boxes.

  2. I second opinions expressed above.
    Also, I do not mind paying Rs 50 (and let him pocket it) to the garbage collector because the garbage collector may be barely getting a fraction from his manager.

  3. While the issue of garbage collection is a legitimate issue leading to all kinds of problems including spread of disease, attraction of stray animals etc. what is TRULY DISTURBING (from the photo) is the use of child labor to perform the activity of garbage collection.

    We as a society with a conscience, should be raising our voices against the exploitation of the our CHILDREN, the future of the country when their place is in the classrooms and on the playgrounds.

  4. While Door to Door Garbage Collection is taking place in most localities, here are a few observations on the same: –
    1. The BCC asks us to separate dry and wet (Kitchen Waste) garbage. However, the collector dumps all garbage together in his cart/bag.
    2. There is no supervision on how the garbage collectors dispose off the garbage. At times, they dump it at some place from where the garbage truck picks up and in the mean time, the stray dogs attack the garbage dump and spread it all over the road side.
    3. There is no regularity in collecting the tree leaves and cut grass dumped on the road side.
    4. There is no penalty being levied on people throwing garbage on the road side.
    5. Road side hawkers selling eatables, tea/coffee, coconut water etc are mushrooming in most residential colonies. These hawkers are generating huge amount of garbage without paying any tax to BCC. The garbage collectors take money from them and collect their garbage on priority instead of collecting garbage from the tax payers’ homes.


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