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We wont collect you garbage as u did not pay us ?

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A citizen of Tilakwadi had asked the garbage collector who used to come to his apartment to give him a receipt for the Rs.30 he collects from each house. He just gives a book in which each one mentions his name thats it. On demanding the receipt, today morning the Garbage collector refused to collect the garbage from his house as it has been instructed to him he said.

Currently the Belagavi city corporation under Section 103 (B) (2) of The Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976, is collecting the solid waste management cess along with property tax.

He also quoted the article AAB had posted Citizens need not pay users fee to door-to-door Garbage collectors.


His query is simple if they are not authorized to collect the Rs.30 then why are they collecting it?

Some of the reactions by netizens on the above link

Amit said, It is my right to ask for a receipt, I am willing to pay it up as it will keep my city clean but I wont pay if a receipt is not issued he said.

Sameer asked,Whom should we contact and complain if we are forced to pay by the garbage collecting agent. She is a lady called Gaikwad who took 50 rs per month from us for years. When we stopped paying, she asked her workers not to collect garbage from our house. Over an year now she isnt collecting garbage.
Anyone whom we can complain to?

Sachin Upadhye said, If we don’t pay they don’t come to collect the next time… It’s a bribe to get the work done.

Vijay also echoed the same thing, if we dont pay the garbage is not collected.

Allwyn said I just paid yesterday and I never knew we did not have to pay.

Hence each one is paying up the solid waste management cess along with the Property tax and hence there is no need to pay users’ fee to door-to-door Garbage collectors.

Once the civic body collected the cess, the contractors have no scope to complain that the door-to-door collection was affected because of non-payment by public. It would force them to collect the garbage from all waste generators. The door-to-door collection of waste was aimed at making the city bin free but when the contractor refuses to collect what can a citizen do ?

2 thoughts on “We wont collect you garbage as u did not pay us ?”

  1. Its croporateters duty, if refuse to collect garbage. All citizens to complaint to carporaters only. He is only near to us. If your area is not clean means your carporater not doing his responsibility.

    • The Coprorator can only instruct the garbage collecting people but the orders n resolutions should be passed by the corporation officer who is in charge of this work. So please do it in a official manner.


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