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GST Ready Ecobillz for Kirana/Garment/Electrical/Stationery Stores!

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A few months back we introduced you to Ecobillz – a company which has set out to reduce paper usage in Retail industry for billing purposes. Recently, AAB caught up with the Founder – Dr. Ameet Patil who gave us heads up on the new route the company has recently taken. It is empowering the 14 million Retailers out there in India to get up to speed with the GST and get started with organizing their billing needs as per GST.

Many Retailers (Shop owners: Garment/Kirana/Stationery/Electrical/etc.) are not so well versed with Computers yet. Ecobillz has released a Simple, Easy-to-Use GST ready Billing Software. Price ranging from Rs. 5,499 to Rs. 25,499 plus AMC depending on features you choose to have.

eco-billzAmeet Patil from Belagavi, after having founded and successful run an Embedded Services company – and co-founded several other startups, wanted to do something different this time which would create a real impact to the world we are living in today. About a year ago, during a casual discussion, with his friend -Ganesh Jannu put forth the idea of doing something to convert supermarket bills into digital bills.

How is Ecobillz GST ready?

There are multiple key features related to GST.

  1. In GST, a printed receipt must clearly display two taxes: CGST and SGST along with the percentage charged. For ex: If an Item attracts 5% GST then in the bill CGST 2.5% and SGST 2.5% on the Item Rate is applied and displayed.
  2. When goods are sold to Outer State Customer, then IGST has to be applied. In Ecobillz this is automatically added based on Customer’s GSTIN and Address.
  3. Before 10th of every month, GSTR1 report needs to be uploaded. This is a JSON file that contains your previous month’s Sales data. Ecobillz can export GSTR1 ready file which you can directly upload on GSTN.
  4. Some goods/items attract different tax depending on the sale price of items. For ex: a Blanket sold for less than Rs. 999 attracts 5% GST and the same blanket if sold above Rs. 1,000 attracts 12% GST. This anomaly is easily taken care in the software configuration.

What is the Tally Plugin Ecobillz provides?

Tally is one of most commonly used Accounting software across India. Almost every CA recommends merchants/businessmen to use provide accounts data in Tally only. Ecobillz can export all Sales data in a Tally compatible file format. This file when imported into Tally will automatically create Sales Voucher entries in Tally. This will save a lot of time and errors in manual entry. Ecobillz team is current working to provide this feature to allow importing the exported data into multiple versions of Tally from 7.2, ERP 9 and the latest Tally with GST pack. This will be released by end of July.

There are many Billing Software, what is Unique about Ecobillz?

Ecobillz is not a company that builds Billing Software. Our vision is still to Save Paper and help Retailer’s increase their business by using our Advanced Analytics platform. Our Billing Software does not provide many complex features that existing more sophisticated Softwares provide. A small merchant does not need so many things. It will simply complicate matters for him. Apart from this, Ecobillz provides ability to send bill via SMS, track customer loyalty points, send discount coupons to customers, send birthday wishes to customers, etc. This help in promoting the business and thereby increasing it by having repeat customers.

How does one Download or Install Ecobillz?

We have very good presence in North Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra and Bangalore area. Customer simply calls our Sales Team @ +91 966 318 4448 and one our support folks will get it installed, up and running in no time. A typical installation takes about 15 mins only.

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