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Two Traffic ASI suspended for taking bribes

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After a sting operation vdo was published by TV9 showing who two ASI were engrossed in collecting money from traffic violators and not issuing receipt but asking them to go to a nearby Mobile store to settle the matter, both the ASI’s have been suspended along with the Home guard who was also involved in it.

asi-suspendedThe incident occurred in Ramlingkhind Galli near Nucleus mall where two ASI and a home guard used to stop vehicles and check for documents and non wearing of helmets etc but instead of collecting the fine and issuing the receipt the duo was involved in settling the matter in a mobile store nearby.

The two suspended ASI are Yaseen Dongarki and A Dalwai along with the home guard M Patil.

Both the ASI were recently promoted as ASI from head constables.


12 thoughts on “Two Traffic ASI suspended for taking bribes”

  1. poor guy’s .. they were just collecting their bonuses !! after promotion .. d mobile store should b served notice !!

  2. There was a Huhulla that cameras are installed everywhere in the city to check traffic offender .

    But now I seriously doubt about the cameras weather they are really installed..

    Why not TRAFFIC police who take Bribe are not caught on their cameras ? Why TV9 cameras? Does the department don’t want to catch their own corrupt employees..

  3. That fellow Dalwai was a rude , vulgar fellow. All citizens should see he is dismissed for good. With scoundrels like these focus on removing corruption than the rubbish smart city.

  4. Fight against corruption
    Also public should not give any chance to them please fallow the rulse
    Why not R T o give licence I’m college
    Also request to government give licence at the age of 16 only . Because every know the driving and licence must issue in collages. At government fee


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