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Cricket Stadium at Sardar High School Ground Belagavi soon

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The Belagavi city corporation has floated a tender for Construction of Cricket Stadium at Sardar High School Ground Belagavi at a cost of Rs. 1,00,00,000/- and it will have to complete in 9 months.

In July 2012 Sardars ground ready for a makeover story was published. The 4.5 acres Sardars ground is in the heart of the city and is now only used for sports. The govt then decided to give the ground a really coveted make over by spending Rs.56 lakhs then in 2012.
Now the new plan is worth Rs. 1 crore.


sardars groundThis is basically the Sardars high school ground and is used for sports the year wide especially cricket. The old stage on the ground will be renovated. A new gallery for the spectators which has been a long pending demand will be built. A toilet block will also be built for the sports persons. New pitches for cricket, and also marked areas for other sports including some grass carpeting will be done.


7 thoughts on “Cricket Stadium at Sardar High School Ground Belagavi soon”

  1. Of course its a good news, but the authorities and people of Belgaum need to think what is the need of the hour, is it playground and stadiums or WATER & OTHE INFRA like roads, healthcare etc
    Taxpayers moneys should be utilized in right way

  2. If gallery & parking place built, It will become conjested play ground to play, this will create traffic problem in future, So it is better to plan on some other open places.


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