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Gokak mill worker who had consumed poison dies

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Kallappa Balappa Bolu, 45 had consumed poison during the agitation of the employees of Gokak Textiles Mills in front of Deputy Commissioner N Jayaram on April 13, died on Sunday at the district hospital.

On April 13 Kallappa while protesting in the rally had consumed highly poisonous pesticide used for cotton crops. He was then shifted to District hospital. It is said Kallappa was in a state of depression after the Gokak mill was closed. The incident occurred when hundreds of workers of Gokak mills staged a protest in the premises of the DC’s office under the leadership of union leader Bhimashi Jarkiholi. Workers, including their family members, arrived at the DC’s office at 12.30pm.
The fate of around 3,500 workers of century old Gokak textile mills is looming in uncertainty with the adamant stands taken by the mills management and workers unions. Workers have been on strike alleging harassment and demanding the revocation of suspension of 16 workers. They have been on strike since March 8. The management locked the mills on March17.

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  1. yes sanjay i agree. if the management closed this mill then definately there are so many people will sufer with their families lets put some efforts to again start this mill. its born in very long time before n lets showbit to the social networks.


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