Development of Vaccine depot still on papers only

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Vaccine depot came to the fore front of each ones talk in 2007, when the state government had thought of building the Suvarna Vidhan Soudha there. After series of protests from Belgaumites and nature lovers the idea was scrapped and the Halga-Bastwad current site was chosen for the magnificent structure.

The Vaccine depot has a total area of 156 acres and 10 guntas and this place acts as a lung and a breathing space. With serene beauty and heritage buildings over 100 years old. Vaccine Depot is a mini exotic forest and has about 3700 varieties of medicinal plants and has a potential to be preserved as a natural reserve. The site has lush greenery and a seasonal natural drain flows during rainy season and has potential for being developed as a landscape element. The site is a treasure of exotic flora and fauna.

Vaccine Depot

The Belgaum Vaccine Depot also known as Vaccine Institute was started by Captain F.H.G. Hutchinson for manufacturing Small Pox vaccine in 1904 under the then Government of Bombay Province. The institute was shifted to its present premises in Tilakwadi following completion of building construction works in 1909. The institute was manufacturing 40 million doses of freeze dried small pox vaccine and supplying all over the country and to neighboring countries as well. During 1954, the vaccine was changed from cow-calf to sheep-based. Following reorganization of States, the administration of institute came under the control of Government of Karnataka in 1956.

On December 1, 2011 the Cabinet approved a proposal to develop a garden along the lines of Lalbagh in Bangalore in Belgaum city at a cost of Rs 25 crore. The garden will be developed on a 125-acre land at Vaccine Depot. A glasshouse will also be developed.

The Foundation stone for glass house was laid on March 13, 2011 itself by BSYeddurappa during the VKS 2011, but no work had happened after that.vaccinegalsshouse

In 2008 it was also announced that a heritage park would be built at the Vaccine depot so that all its heritage could be saved.

A foundation stone for the same was also laid then and a project report was also made but nothing really happened on the ground other than the cutting of a few trees for the foundation laying ceremony.

Now on December 1, 2011 the cabinet has approved the proposal, so before this the proposal was not approved and hence we think nothing changed on the ground.

Now that cabinet has given its clearance for the park and the glass house we hope this time atleast it not on paper and in actual Belgaumites will get a good heritage park.

4 thoughts on “Development of Vaccine depot still on papers only”

  1. We must ask this to the district incharge minister Mr. Umesh Katti… he will probably shed some light??? or Perhaps he is too busy taking care of his businesses.

    For his daughter’s wedding, the entire road from NH-4 hidkal cross was tarred till Hukkeri and the adjacent road to Hidkal is full of pothole’s. Go to Gokak, from Hidkal by road and experience the nightmare. Such is the condition that you will curse these rich and royal MLA’s from Belgaum district both Urban & Rural all alike.

    In the Yeddyurappa government, these ministers and MLA’s gained personally & not the common Belgaumite. Who cares for the glass house… these MLA’s and ministers will reach to foreign destinations to cool off, leaving AAM AADMI neglected.

    Shame on these MLA’s & Ministers of Belgaum. They have let down Belgaum being the most powerful lobby, while others in Hubli, Shimoga & Bellary have done better.

  2. It's very difficult to understand these politicians. By looking these political parties and their candidates no one is there in Belgaum who can care Belgaum city and Belgamites who elected these MLA's and MP's ….

    All political parties and politicians are playing worst game with AAM AADMI…..

  3. It is not known that first of all how the karnataka goverment decided that Vidhan Souda is to be built on the vaccine depot ground ,where the exotic forest with 3700 spices of medicinal plants existed. Another thing that even if the Vidhan soudha was built where would be the circulating area for the traffic. Another question arises that why the building of Vidhan Souda was not built at Halga on the Belgaum- Hubli High way at the first instance itself instead of destroying the valuable forest at vaccine depot. We belgaumites should not wait for the government but the people of Belgaum should volunteer to rebuild the destroyed forest.


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