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HESCOM helpline numbers for Belgaum


The Hubli Electricity Supply Company has launched special helpline numbers for various regions in the city on which citizens can complain during the monsoon season.

T.B. Majagi, executive engineer on 9448370241 – for Fort road, Khade bazaar, Shettigalli, Marutigalli, Patilgalli, Ganpatgalli, Hosur, Old Belgaum, Azad Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Ujwal Nagar, Kaktives Road, Khasbag, M. Vadgaon, Cantonment, Laxmi Tekdi, Hindalga road, Vijay Nagar, Bogarves, Ramling Khindgalli, Station road, Tahsildargalli, Old P.B. Road, Aman Nagar, Maruti Nagar, Samarth Nagar, Alarwad, Devaraj Urs Colony and Basavan Kudachi areas


Appannavar on 9480881987 – Harikaka Compound, Om Nagar, Teachers’ Colony, Raghavendra Colony, Laxmi Nagar, Chavatgalli, CBT area and Durgamata road.

A.M. Pujer on 9448370244 – Residents of Nanawadi, Tilakwadi, Parvatinagar, Bhavani Nagar, Channamma Nagar, Guruprasad Colony, Dutch Industries area, Udyambag, Mazgaon, Angol, Hindwadi, Bhagaynagar, Shahpur and Vadgaon

V.B. Karur on 9448094489 – Shivabasava Nagar, Mahantesh Nagar, Auto Nagar, Kanbargi, Yamanapur, Vaibhav Nagar, Sahayadri Nagar Scheme No. 47, Hanauman Nagar Scheme No. 40 and 40 A, Bauxite Road, Muttyanatti, Basavanakolla, Azam Nagar, Shahunagar, Basava Colony, Rukmini Nagar, Revenue Colony, Sadashiv Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, Ambedkar Nagar, Rail Nagar, Visvesvaraya Nagar, Civil Hospita road and T.V. Centre.



  1. My area is ashok nagar. We are facing the problem of electricity from last 2 months but there is no one to take responsibility.useless keb

  2. No service at all. Using touch & start type TC fitted. Poor quality parts fitted. Collect light bill around 3000 rs per month. But no fluent current supply. Any thing happens, they take minimum 28 hours to repair. Only eating money no service.

  3. Really worst service and the section engg doesn’t not even attend the no. Since there is no power from night 12am we are trying to call no one is borther to pic the call. The power is available in next row they are just worried about they own the situation in belgaum is bad and they are just telling other people name and excuses

  4. No electricity since 3 days. I stay in laxminagar belgaum. Even after complaining personally by going to hindalga hescom office nobody is attending our complaint

  5. In the above given cell numbers none is working,all have different issues, switch off,not working,not available etc,then what’s the use of giving in this article with saying it’s for help for people, kindly update new alternative numbers

  6. K e b is worst the numbers they have given in helpline is totally waste no service provided to the consumer and the worst k e b people’s

  7. We are facing pathetic experience with Belagavi KEB. From last 3days we are keep on giving power supply issue in our House. No one are responding properly. The complaint number whatever are there are not genuine one. I want to Lodge complaint on Belagavi KEB itself. Please let me know the procedures if anyone knows.

  8. My area is KHB Heritage Jakkeri Honda Indraprasta nagar Since many months electricity is coming and going, this will affecting many home appliances, and disturbing us. I think we r in smart city,here is the condition of supply of electricity by HESCOM is worst,then what about rural areas. I request concerned official to take care of to solve the problem.

  9. Day 3 and no currents still.. We got a private electrician to check all our lines, from our end we have got everything checked.. Now they are saying problem with their TC and it can be repaired only tomorrow.. They can’t even repair their own TC what they ll repair our transformers.. I have totally lost my faith in keb service.. This is not even interiors, RPD cross main road.

  10. Pathetic service by keb tilakwadi, no current in my apartment Gurukul Palace past 2 days. When informed they say it’s wiring issue and get a private electrician to check it. Today when electrician came keb linemen disappeared. When called they say 5 mins but nobody turns up. I am fed up calling them. Worst rated keb service.

  11. No proper service given by Shahapur KEB Belagavi not receiving call while it’s ringing continues. Suddenly power cut Problem at night there was no power supply no sleep and facing mosquito bites children’s came for holidays not a single reply by any HESCOM Department Belagavi .

  12. Our area is hindlaga , here current is not there for more than 2 hours , so plz help us , we people r not getting sleep bcz of summer n mosquito. Its troubling us. Plz help us .

  13. My area is shahunagr here current is not there for more than 2hour so we are not getting sleepy because of this summer season and also students have exams please respond for this msg if anyone is there

  14. In sadshiv nagar, today is no power supply
    I am calling the KEB Helpline Number , this Number is not exist , So please tell me how much time to power will be come

  15. This is the worst service, I have been following from last two days no one is rresponding even we have called local kumarswamy layout Belgaum JE, he is also Silent . If we don’t pay one month bill ,this people are bothered to cut the connection.

  16. Machhe aria k KEB walo ko to Kisi BHI chiz ki parwah hai hi Nahi… Sala 2 ghante se current Nahi hai aur a sale phone BHI Nahi receive Kar rahe hai.. aise Kam Chor logo k sat kya Karna Chahiye….? Raat ko bachhe ko kitani taklif Hoti hai is bat Ka inhe jara BHI parwah Nahi hai ,,, inke khilaf action kaise le batao…….?

  17. As per the above information, I have called to mobile no 9448094489 which mention in above but call diverted to phone no 1912 this number belongs to HUBBALLI AREA she had told me to contact CITY CORPORATION BELAGAVI to street light compliant.

  18. Sir Two street light is not working since 30 days.
    Place : Basav Colony area near Nimra masjid, 1st cross last two street poles.
    A humble request you pls do the needful as the area is of mud roads and lot of grass.one find difficult to walk .

  19. In Street light some sort or sound is coming and smell of burning is coming on the poll at hatrihol galli shahapur belagavi. Old attend immediately

  20. electricity voltage bahut low hai azad nagar belgaum whats the reason ? hum ne notify kiya last 2year se . meter pe voltage check kiya tho only 160 volt dikah raha hai.. kya iska karan bata sakete hai koi.. normal soldring gun heat nahi hota.. tho kya faida is power ka? please jald se jald voltage improve kare..

  21. Junaid Kotwal

    Sir, there is no electricity at Angol since From last 8 hours, no one is receiving phone call at KEB Station Goaves, when I had to incharge Officer Shri. Pujer he said to contact at office number only, what the hell kind of Officer are working at KEB stations, take action against them immediately.

  22. I have applied for reconnection 5 days ago n still dere is no person to respond. These people should actually work atleast on week days n in working hours….. Worse service n worse response … These people should quit dere job n start begging.

  23. The officers mentioned are long back transferred. The info is useless. When will hescom wake up to update the info?

  24. Even I faced same thing, helpline numbers given above are of no use…One in 10 calls is answered & for any emergencies, they give other mobile numbers to call.
    Powercut is always unexpected & is more than 2 hours…It’s pathetic & causing lots of inconvenience to kids & elderly..

  25. Sir since last 4days in our area R.c.Nager l st stage Belagavi there are street Light but there are not working. We residents requested several time no one is ready to look/ care about our request all the residents are scared of theft especially children’sandso plse to do the need full
    Thanking You6 at 4:37 PM
    Sir since last one and half month in our area Mallikarjun Nager Behing Old Manikbag Bolding Belagavi there are street Light but there are not working. We residents requested several time no one is ready to look/ care about our request we don’t have proper road, all the residents are scared of theft especially children’s and ladies .so plse to do the need full
    Thanking You

  26. Sir since last one and half month in our area Mallikarjun Nager Behing Old Manikbag Bolding Belagavi there are street Light but there are not working. We residents requested several time no one is ready to look/ care about our request we don’t have proper road, all the residents are scared of theft especially children’s so plse to do the need full
    Thanking You
    Advocat Sachin R.Shivannavar

  27. We at Club Road (Opp. Jyothi College Main Gate) Belgaum, experience faulty line issue freqently. The electricity is cut mostly because of faulty line. This issue is been for last 2 years & still the HESCOM can’t find a solution for it. It has become an usual practice & we face electricity problems so many times each day. How are we suppose to do business, day to day work, children studying? It affects the normalcy of daily life. We cant be dependent on HESCOM, as we have to always find ways to change our daily routines because of frequent electricity cut downs.

  28. From the 13th of July till today that is29th of July I have no electricity .I was told that the TC has burnt out and needs to be replaced, please can you inform me how long does it take to replace the TC. When can I expect to get electricity.I stay on my farm near Belgaum Golf course and would be obliged if you can help.

  29. yesterday there was no electricity supply to Judges PWD Quarters, Belagavi. To whom to contact? Each one suing each one

  30. When will be the unusual power cut issues will be solved
    Today more then 6 hours it’s shut down .
    No proper reply at the helpline numbers either busy or out of order .

  31. Udayji after successful Meter down….now the Hescom which has provided the help line nos 1912 and 18004251033 are allways congested and we are not able to place our complaints ,for the past 2/3 days i have tried and not been able to place complaint,and i have to take time out from my work and will have to go personally to give a hard copy to the Hescom office then only my problem will be attended till then i have to take the risk of running the appliances in the house as the service wire is worn out and only the section line man has the authority to climb the pole and repair it.

  32. The numbers given 1912 is not operative,18004251033 is allways congested ,we have to take time out and go to particular section and give written complaint till you have to sit in darkenss,I think Uday after Meter down success,its time to take up this issue .

  33. My belgaum city today all.night Power is failed
    My baby not a sleep nd crying 4/5 hour
    My wife is pregnant very distributed to dreem
    Please sir y not supply to power informed to all city channels nd paper this rezen nd work 2/4 /12/hours belgaum city is not a power
    NOTE dicler u work /problem / thank-you

  34. Last 10hrs no current in a azam nagar area.what the hell the KEB OFFICERS are doing no one of the officer responding our calls.

  35. Isn’t this the same Majagi who was arrested & released on bail for sexual harassment? Why hasn’t aab reported this case. Do report with passport size photos of the accused persons.

  36. My area is Shahapur. Currents not there for more than 8 hours when called MA Pujer he gives another numb, that person gives another number.. Hell these govt officials are confusing AAm aadmi. Any ways thx AAb.. Good morning

  37. Despite of producing electricity and feeding it to state grid, why is Belgaum not having its own power company please do away with HESCOM Belgaum should have its own power comapny

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