Feasibility report sought for Flyover at Ashoka Circle

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The Project road under consideration starts at NH-4 Junction. Project road is part of Raichur-Bachi road (SH-20) from NH-4 junction to Ashoka circle, from there project road deviates on Khade bazaar road passing through circuit house ending at CBT. Project road passes through four junctions namely Gandhinagar junction, Mahantesh Nagar junction, Ashoka circle junction and vegetable market Junction. A very high density of mixed traffic flows through the project area.

The draft Smart city plan mentions – FLYOVER Ashoka Circle (NH4 Junction to CBT via Raichur Bachi Road) – 129 Crores

Project road passes through heavily built-up area. The right of way varies from 30m to 35m throughout. The existing road is 4 lane divided carriageway. Bus and LCV type of traffic is dominating in this section. Due to heavy flow of mixed traffic in Ashoka circle and Mahantesh Nagar junction circle, many traffic jams occur causing inconvenience to road users, delay and fatal accidents leading to death of road users.

flyover-ashoka-cirleThe Authority seeks the services of qualified firms for preparing a feasibility Report for CONSTRUCTION OF FLYOVER FROM NH-4 TO CENTRAL BUS TERMINUS VIA ASHOK CIRCLE APPROACHES IN BELAGAVI CITY. The feasibility Report shall also include a pre-feasibility study for other alternatives to flyover for smooth flow of traffic.

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The Consultant shall assess the traffic demand for the Flyover Projects for a period of 10 (ten) years, 15 (fifteen) years and 20 (twenty) years respectively based on analysis of traffic counts, trend growth and growth in the influence area of the Project flyover. Normally, an annual growth rate of 5% (five per cent) shall be assumed. Any variation would have to be justified with reasons, including analysis of past trends.

(b) Based on the assessment of the traffic demand on the various sections of the Project, the Consultant shall provide a broad assessment of the year in which six-lanes may be required. The Consultant shall also provide sensitivity analysis due to change in assumption of traffic projections.

3 thoughts on “Feasibility report sought for Flyover at Ashoka Circle”

  1. This project may not be success because if they make fly over then previous road use for parking only and if they make it present road only wide it and make it big 4lane one side and other side 4 lane and where road coinside there if they do it flyove or under pass it would be success by seeing this plan below road is waste only like our railways over bridge like that only

  2. Everywhere road widening but corporation and cantonment forget to main road in the belgaum SANCHAYNI CIRCLE TO GOGTE CIRCLE, camp road widened first. all the way from globe to Petrol pump camp is very small road on both sides of the divider. Its a traffic hazard. they are making road in street area but they forget main road in the belgaum where traffic are more, I think because of political pressure. ramlingkhind galli, ramdev gali, very small small area where they are made master plan but y they are forget this road????? actual the road is required 120 feet because of current traffic in this road. our request is to please make the road 120 feet from SANCHAYNI CIRCLE TO GOGTE CIRCLE, camp.


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