Padmavat Show at Prakash Theatre was on Attack List Sharad Kalaskar, Says ATS to Court

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Anti Terrorism Squad (Maharashtra) has revealed a shocking information which they obtained from Sharad Kalaskar’s computer. The activists were planning a blast at the Sunburn festival which was held in Pune in 2017. The ATS lawyer told the Sessions Court that the information decoded from Sharad Kalaskar’s computer brought the fact to light.

ATS also said to the court that a Belgaum cinema house (Prakash Cinema) was also a target where movie Padmaavat was screening.”
One bottle with kerosene hurled near Prakash theatre screening Padmavat – January 25, 2018

Minor explosions were heard around 9.25 pm at Prakash theatre after the show was over and the 9.30 show of PADMAVAT was to start. An eyewitness said they heard two minor loud sounds and flames and some glass pieces around. 

Sharad Kalaskar (25), Vaibhav Raut (40) and Sudhanwa Gondhalekar (39) were arrested following raids that began in the Palghar district this month and spanned to Pune, the police said.


prakash-bombPublic prosecutor, Sunil Gonsalves told the Sessions Court that information decoded from Sharad Kalaskar’s computer brought the fact to light that they were planning to bomb places like the Sunburn Festival in Pune and a show of movie Padmavat in cinema house at Belgaum and Kalyan too were on the list of places to be attacked.

So according to the ATS which is still investigating the matter says that the Blasts at Prakash Cinema in January was pre planned by Sharad Kalaskar and his team.

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