Governmental commitments-Tomorrow never comes All promise and no delivery!

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Governmental commitments-Tomorrow never comes All promise and no delivery! 

Each and every department of the government always works efficiently so that the above lines are adhered to under all conditions.

Take this simple Traffic signal issue about which this Blog had posted on May 2, 2010. Then again when the Traffic police Facebook page was started we again on January 20, 2012 we posted the same image and this time even the Traffic police page replied “We have also observed the same. We will get the concerned company from Bangalore to shift the signal lights”.

When this reply was posted many felt it would happen today or tomorrow but even after 9 months nothing has changed.traffic gogte

What is the problem:

Traffic signal at Gogte Circle.

If one comes over from the Over bridge towards State Bank of India one can see TWO traffic signals (see image) A & B.

Many commuters are caught by cops on this Gogte circle Signal for breaking the signal, when in reality the new person is really unaware as to which signal is for him/ her.

So how many of you were caught for breaking the signal? 

4 thoughts on “Governmental commitments-Tomorrow never comes All promise and no delivery!”

  1. Even after responding to the issue on face book by the authorities it is still not done. I pity the people of Belgaum who face problems with such traffic signals. And to add to it the roads have become dusty and loosened up because of the little rain that we had.

  2. i have faced this problem while coming from the overbridge side towards SBI….
    On the same lines i wanted to state the problem of signal near CBT.. The countdown clock doesnt work, and commuters are in a dilemma, when the signal changes. Once i had crossed the signal when it was green, and the signal was changed at the instant i crossed the line from the Niyaz hotel side.. When i told the traffic personal about the unfunctional digital count down clock, he told thats not his problem. The traffic police took Rs 60/- from me, they demanded Rs 100/- but i had only Rs 60/-. They took Rs 60/- and let me go.

    Failure of government machinery and corruption will take the country downslide…. 🙁


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