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Halabhavi near Belgaum to have ITBP centre


ITBP Additional Director General of Police Anirudh Uppal performed the bhoomi puja and laid the foundation-stone for the construction for ITBP Battalion Headquarter and Training Center at Halabhavi, about 20 km from Belgaum.

The centre will train a battalion of 1,200 personnel. Inspector General of Police (Northern Range). State Government had provided 250 acres of land free to establish the centre.


The functioning of the battallion and the training center will begin in another six months in temporary structures. The Central Public Works Department will undertake construction of permanent structures at a cost of Rs 48 crore.

1,200 ITBP personnel will be stationed at the proposed center and the training programmes include – professional training in anti-insurgency and commando techniques.

The para-military force is meant for duty on the Indo-China border and after a certain period, the personnel on border duty will be deputed to the proposed headquarters and the training center for relaxing and refreshing the training they underwent earlier, a permanent battallion will also be stationed here.

The proposed center will encourage the youth from Karnataka to even join ITBP. There will also be recruitment drive at the center.



  1. Dear Uday

    Is our BGM is going to become a Military Hub?
    Look at this we already have Artllary training center n Comando training centre, Nxt is Airmen training centre.
    And now we r gonig 2 have Navy supply centre with latest being ITPB centre.
    That means we r going 2 b surrounded by Military.
    I heard that UB group is going 2 buy lands near Sambra to make a Hanger for KF aircrafts is it true?

    Any way our city is going 2 b most protected city in d Country.


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