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High-speed train project to connect Belgaum to Bangalore

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Murugesh Nirani Karnataka’s Minister for Large and Medium Industries said, “The project has been conceptualized in three phases — between Mysore and Chennai via Bangalore, between Bangalore and Belgaum via Davanagere and Hubli, and between Bangalore and Gulbarga.” The minister told this when he was speaking about the Global Investors Meet (GIM) to be held on June 7-8 in Bangalore.

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Phase I of the project will cost Rs 1 lakh crore at a per km cost of Rs 200 crore. It will be a purely Japanese venture on a BOT (build-operate-transfer) basis. The proposal will be placed before the chief minister and thereafter before the state high-level clearance committee.
Dinesh Trivedi, former Union Railway Minister had already agreed to consider the proposal to lay a high-speed corridor between Bangalore and Belgaum.

If this project materializes this will be a boon for people from North Karnataka. But as all is still in the approval stage it would take a long time to be implemented.


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  1. Guys
    You need to understand the operating cost of such ideas. A ticket from Belgaum to Bangalore would cost several thousand Rs , for ex Rs 8000 one way. Remember Belgaum – Bangalore in 3 hrs or something like that. Now how many people in belgaum value their time so much that they will pay Rs 8000 to travel to Bangalore.? Compare this to the scenario where you sleep in a 3 AC in Chenamma in the evening and reach Bangalore morning 7:30, all at Rs 600( as of today ). This stuff is good for developed countries like Germany, Japan where every hour is very expensive and their economies are very well developed with a high standard of living.
    If instead of this drama we can keep the trains clean, stop defacating at stations, provide double railway tracks, provide better connectivity it would do a world of good.
    For people who want to reach Bangalore in 3 hrs and willing to pay Rs 8000, there are planes, If needed build new airports in smaller cities.

  2. Get out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…lol…R U Serious that this will happen in this generation? or for a matter of fact in the next generation? MMMM jus makes me wonder how they will pull this off as it is they cant run the existing Diesel Trains properly. It will be Amazing where will they get power? As it is Karnataka does not have enough power. Ah well good luck.



  3. Thats very dumb concept. Speaking of idiots, and you will find thousands including our ministers. They cant operate existing trains on schedule and talk about high speed trains. You think bureaucracy will permit smooth transition of such projects?

  4. I am surprised to see the reactions to the project, calling it farce etc. Similar things were said about Bangalore Metro- that it will expensive, not cost effective, operative incompetence etc. But look, it is running successfully with very good demand and even the ticket price is reasonable. Of course this Blr-Bgm is a long term project, but if it materializes then it will change the picture of Karnataka. Bangalore will get decongested, with people preferring other cities along this line for industries and living- as the travel time will be negligible. It is a great move.

  5. In Karnataka their is no proper train connectivity when compare to other states first take care of common trains dont dream silly & become silly

  6. It is evident that new projects are going only in south Karnataka and of course the benefit always passes to Tamil Nadu. Tamil nadu is very shrewd to take advantage of Bangalore in developing Hosur ,which is in Tamil nadu and take advantage of High speed Rail etc. As per your Blog the Phase-1 for high speed rail link is Mysore -Bangalore- Chennai. God knows when the remaining two phases will come (perhaps it may not materialize even in 10 years. North karnataka is a neglected region though it has a great potential for development. If the same thing continues there will be a break up in Karnataka ie:- north Karnataka & South Karnataka akin to Andhra Pradesh and telangana .The Blog makes a reader very happy ,but it is not known how distant the dream is.

  7. the government should first try to provide basic transport facilities and try to maintain them instead of dreaming big. Basic transpiration needs are important for regular commuters who travel on a daily basis. what is the government trying to prove by making such promises…


  9. Guys, the picture shows a bullet train similar to Euro Rail. I have travelled several times from Madrid to Seville in Spain a distance of 500 Km in 2 1/2 hours. The train speeds upto almost 220 kmph, the ride is very smooth, comfortable & awesome. This costs around Euro 75 for a one way economy ticket & Euro 120 for a Executive ticket. Similar services are available connecting different countries for instance Madrid in Spain to Paris in France.
    Now referring to the so called proposed Belgaum to Bangalore high speed train services I guess at the moment we do not even have a Shatabdi, double lines, line electrification etc. Look at Mumbai-Ahmedabad distance of 600 km is covered in about 7 hours; the Shatabdi, Karnavati & the new Double decker, there are atleast over 75 trains travelling over Ahmedabad. The feasibility study of laying a line between Belgaum to Dharwad via Baihongal etc is in cold storage. Do people believe such news?

  10. Whenever some one do something “new” people crack jokes like this..
    But when those plans gets implemented people shut their mouths and start appreciating the Govt..
    I dont know why people are spreading “Pessimism” or “Negativity”..
    Cant we be little bit “Optimistic” and “Positive” about the Developments Plans being introduced by Modi Led BJP Govt..
    Jai Hind..

  11. It’s a joke but government has planned to boost double track from Bangalore chick banavar to Pune via hubli and to set electric power line from bl’ore to Pune then bullet train

  12. Hi all,
    I agree with the views mentioned by most of the people.
    Here we do not have money for doubling and for direct straight route lines and we talk about Bullet Trains.
    The first step should be doubling of existing tracks and then direct connectivity which in turn will reduce the travel time.

  13. What happened to this high speed train which was to run between Belagavi and Bengaluru? Now since Belagavi hon’ble MP is a minister in the central cabinet,he can get this dumped project to be revamped and rediscovered. For this Belagavites have to campaign a movement and to keep the hon’ble minister reminding about it regularly.

  14. I had gn thru all the comments but I feel for the btr ideas at least we may get 160 km speed instead of 220 to 250 km Let us be optimistic.Improvements are gng on


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