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Jyotirgamya Solar electrification of Remote villages

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To commemorate the 50th year of existence of The Grand Lodge of India, it has taken up the project “JOTIRGAMYA” – SOLAR ELECTRIFICATION OF REMOTE VILLAGES, to provide long lasting source of light to the society at large by providing light to at least 50 remote villages what have no access to power from the National Grid & may not get it in foreseeable near future.

KaranjeLodge Victoria No 9 camp Belgaum in association with Ekal Abhiyan has actively participated by taking up the project and executed the same at two such villages, Karanje and Mayre near Joida, Dist. Karwar. In Mayre there are 23 houses and in Karanje there are 57 houses. The system consists of PV Solar module, charger / controller, Storage batteries, LED lamps & electrical wiring from solar panels to houses. The modules produce direct current from Sunlight, which is used to charge the batteries through a charge controller. At night or after sunset, the stored DC energy from batteries will be used to light the houses & other public places based on the needs of the village.

The project was executed with the assistance of Ekal Abhiyan, Belgaum

While inaugurating the project the Regional Grand Master Retna Raj Sushil expressed happiness and satisfaction for taking up the projects so efficiently at such remote places.

Grand Master of Grand Lodge of India Capt. Dr. Balaram Biswakumar, said that “this is not the end but is the beginning of association of Freemasons with these villages, we have a long way to go in contributing to the betterment if these villages in other aspects”. He also conveyed the message to the villagers saying, “It is the Grand Masters wish that the villagers should make proper use of the facility provided & see that their children get better educated and become learned citizens of tomorrow”. He explained to them that the project is financed by Freemasons themselves and as such appealed the people to realize the value of such project.

The villagers expressed their happiness saying this is a blessing for them & now they can truly celebrate “Diwali” & promised to ensure proper maintenance of the system as per the guidelines given.

Project Chairman Dr. R.R.Rao, Jamshed Mehta, Secretary Dr.V.G.Govekar, Yashkaran Singh Lauly, Secretary of Ekal Abhiyan Mr. Bhide, Taluk Panchayat Officer Mr. M.N.Naik, Members of Lodge Victoria no 9, Members of Ekal Abhiyan & the villagers were present.


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  1. Great ! I am sure the good work of helping the poor to see light in the darkness will continue.All the very best to Lodge Victoria 9 and Ekal Abhiyan.


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