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Know what development works are been undertaken in your area

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The Belagavi city corporation spends crores building Gutters, roads etc but all complain that in their area no works have been undertaken.

From this series, we will try and post details of the Tenders under which the various works will be undertaken in your area.

So kindly go through the same and if you find your area mentioned see that the work is carried out in actual or is it just a joomla on paper.

Most of the times the citizens arent aware of the works undertaken in their ward and the corporator also does not tell you for reasons known best to them.
It is your money that is been spent so know where it is been spent.

DMA/2018-19/IND7426supply of 750 litrs capacity high pressure jetting machine to City corporation Belagavi985000
DMA/2018-19/IND7424Supply of auto tipper with twin compartment( Wet & Dry ) for SWM to City Corporation Belagavi9900000
DMA/2018-19/IND7423Supply of 3.00 Cum dumper placer containers to City Corporation Belagavi1593600
DMA/2018-19/IND7419Supply of Metal Push Cart to City Corporation Belagavi176000
DMA/2018-19/IND7418Supply of sweeping trolley (manual smart sweeper ) to city Corporation Belagavi248508
No.CCB/ABC-ARV/tender/PR-01/2018-19Implementing Animal birth control and ARV in stray dogs and euthanizing the sick, rabid and rogue dogs in a humane manner as per Animal Birth Control( dogs)rules 2001 in the limits of City Corporation Belagavi3000000
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73815Providing electrification to Gym Building in Corporation Open Space area at Ashok Nagar, Belagavi.656653.5
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT75612Construction of Compound Wall to Ambedkar Bhavan at Nehru Nagar Ward No.45 Belagavi.1903941.34
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT75621Providing RCC Gutter and CD work at Godshewadi, Tilakwadi in W.No 18 Belagavi.920399.49
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT76298Construction of Drain and CC Road in Medhar Chavani at kunti Nagar Belagavi.3011972.44
DMA/2018-19/RD/WORK_INDENT75609Construction of Concrete road at Sector No.5 snd 9 in Ward No.52 Belagavi.1996805.04
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT75864Construction of Drain and UGD Line in W.No: 46 Belagavi.1487772.38
DMA/2018-19/RD/WORK_INDENT75859Construction of Concrete road at Sector No.5 from cross No.1st to 4th cross in W.No.52 Belagavi.1497624.24
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT75805Construction of CC drain in Kalmeshwar Nagar in Ward No.55, Belagavi1999213.53
DMA/2017-18/OW/WORK_INDENT69171/CALL-3Improvements to Shivaji Park in Belagavi.14002880.89
DMA/2017-18/EL/WORK_INDENT71946Package No.02 Operation and Maintenance of Street Light for Ward No.08 to 15 in City Corporation Belagavi.6129221
DMA/2017-18/EL/WORK_INDENT71945Package No.01 Operation and Maintenance of Street Light for Ward No.1 to 7 in City Corporation Belagavi.6869200
DMA/2017-18/EL/WORK_INDENT71868Package No.05 Operation and maintenance of street light for Ward No.31 to 37 in City Corporation Belagavi.3937962.04
DMA/2017-18/EL/WORK_INDENT71947Package No.04 Operation and Maintenance of Street Light for Ward No.23 to 30 in City Corporation Belagavi.5535591.08
DMA/2017-18/EL/WORK_INDENT71949Package No.08 Operation and Maintenance of Street Light for Ward No.52 to 57 in City Corporation Belagavi.5023760.92
DMA/2017-18/BD/WORK_INDENT65071/CALL-4Package No.8: Construction of commercial complex near APMC Road, Belagavi.28755943.4
DMA/2017-18/BD/WORK_INDENT66244/CALL-3Construction of Residential Building Block No.1 (G+3) at Azam Nagar, Belagavi.35281945.27
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73901Package no.41 Providing lamination to Old Records of City Corporation, Belagavi.1932000
DMA/2018-19/RD/WORK_INDENT73464Package No.36 : a) Providing and fixing paver blocks in Kulkarni Galli and Math Galli and Construction of CC road in Trimurti Nagar Kanabargi Belagavi in Ward No.57 b) Construction of RCC drain at Kumbar Galli, Karabi Galli Kanabargi, Belagavi2189843.48
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73969Providing chain link to new developed garden at HT line at Malamaruti Extension Belagavi4318235.44
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73851Package No.37 a) Construction of Protection Wall to Swimming Pool at Ashok Nagar Belagavi.b) Providing Chain Link Fencing infront of Swimming pool at Ashok Nagar Belagavi.2281501.21
DMA/2017-18/OW/WORK_INDENT72084Supplying and fixing of Gym Equipments for Gymnasium Building at Ashok Nagar Belagavi. (Supplying of Gym equipments)2522580
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73060Repairs and maintenance of UGD line & chambers in Ward No.31 to 44, Belagavi.2996148.84
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73406Annual Maintenance of UGD lines in North Sub Div-2 Jurisdiction for the year 2018-19 Belagavi.3752291.25
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73972Reparis to cremation ground compound wall at Lingayat Smashan in Sadashiv Nagar Belagavi249666.26
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73870Package No.33 a) Providing & fixing of paver blocks in Durgamata Road, Azad Nagar & removing damaged UGD chambers & construction of new UGD chambers in Azad Nagar in W No.51 b) Providing & fixing of pavers & construction of CD in Durgamata Road Old Gandhi Nagar, Azad Nagar, New Gandhi Nagar in W.NO.51 c) Construction of RCC drain at Sector No.12 in W. No.52 d) Improvements to roads at Sector No.5, 9 Chanamma Society & decorative lighting infront of Shivalay Temple, Belagavi.4371936.45
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73460Package No.28:a) Improvements to roads Markandey Nagar and CC drain Shahu Nagar in Ward No.42 b) Construction of CC drain & Road in VInayak Colony & Mauli Galli in Shahu Nagar in Ward No.42 c) Construction of CC drain Ashraya Colony Alarwad Village in Ward No.58 d) Construction of CC road Ambedkar Galli and Jain Temple road Alarwad Belagavi in Ward No.584386779.15
DMA/2018-19/RD/WORK_INDENT73457Package No.32 a) Providing stoneware pipe to RCC drain at Shivaji Nagar and Providing and fixing paver blocks at Jail Colony in Ward No.48 Belagavi b) Providing and fixing paver blocks & Construction of RCC drain at 1st main, 1st Cross BP Shivaji Nagar Belagavi in Ward No.48 c) Providing and fixing pavers at Old Gandhi Nagar Aman Nagar and Maruti Nagar in Ward No.50 d) Construction of RCC drain at Maruti Galli, Belagavi in Ward No.504369742.58
DMA/2018-19/RD/WORK_INDENT73454Package No.31 : a) Providing and fixing paver blocks in premises of Police Commissioner Office at Police Head Quarters Belagavi in Ward NO.47 b) Providing and fixing of pavers at Ashok Nagar road (infront of ESI Hospital) Belagavi in ward No.47 c) Providing and fixing paver blocks at Police head quarters Belagavi in Ward No.474203830.11
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73453Package No.34 : a) Providing and laying of UGD line at Sector No.8 and 10 Belagavi in Ward No.53 b) Improvements to roads in Sector No.11 near Rani channamma garden MME in Ward No.53 Belagavi c) Providing and laying of UGD line pipe line and improvements of road at Brundavan Colony in Ward No.54 d) Construction of RCC drain in brundavan Colony Belagavi in Ward No.544369688.29
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73463Package No.27: a) Construction of CC drain at TV Center near P.No.181 in Ward No.40 b) Construction of CC roads and CC drain in Shriram Colony and Muralidhar Temple Hanuman Nagar in Ward No.40 c) Construction of CC roads and CC drain in Sadashiv Nagar in Ward No.41 d) Construction of CC drain and Cd near Ex MLA Ashtekar building and Desai Building Jadhav Nagar CTS No.4861/15 in Sadashiv Nagar Ward No.41, Belagavi4391415.21
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73469Package No.23: a) Providing pavers near Yash Auto from Chavan House to Kakatives Road and Construction of drain in Omkar Nagar in Ward No.36 b) Construction of CC drain at Khadak Galli in Ward No.37 c) Improvements to road at Koli Galli in Ward No.37 , Belagavi3159017.81
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73480Package No.22 a)Construction of CC road & storm water drain in Pangul Galli & Bhatkande Galli BP W.No.34 b) Construction of Anganwadi first floor at Bhovi Galli & construction of CC drain at Bhovi Galli & Pangul Galli BP, W. No.34 c) Providing pavers at Khanjar Galli & Bandursha internal roads in W. No.35 d) Providing half round pipe for drain at Chambarwada Construction of CC road & drain at Chandu Galli BP & providing additional facilities to Chambarwada Samudaya Bhavan in W. No.35, Belagavi4388205.76
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73825Package No.25: a) Construction of CD and CC drain from Kalyan Chowk to Old PB Road Chavat Galli Belagavi in Ward No.38 b) Construction of CC drain in Chavat Galli, Shetty Galli BP and Construction of CC drain in Shetty Galli and main road in Ward No.38 c) Improvements road and CC drain in Kali Ambrai in Ward No.39, Belagavi3381369.88
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73545Package No.18 a) Construction of RCC gutter at Tangadi Galli backside & Kapil Bakery backside in Ward No.28 b) Providing RCC gutter at Tangadi Galli & Rama Mestri Adda road in Ward No.28 c) Construction of RCC drain & providing pavers road at Patil Galli BP and providing RCC gutter at Tashildar Galli in Ward No.29 d) Providing RCC gutter at Fulbag Galli Cross No.2 BP & Providing pavers at Fulbag Galli cross No.1 & Providing RCC gutter & CD at Fulbag Galli Cross No.2 in Ward No.29, Belagavi.4398054.41
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73821Package No.19: a) Providing RCC gutter at Konwal Galli 1st Cross Road and Math Galli BP in Ward No.30 b) Providing RCC CD work at Math Galli and Pavers road in Ward No.30, Belagavi2195725.2
DMA/2018-19/BD/WORK_INDENT73448Package No.20: a) Constrction of Libraury building near Ram Mandir at Kelkar Bag and Construction of CD in BP of Konwal Galli and Kelkar Bag in Ward No.31 b) Construction of first floor libraury building at Konwal Galli and improvements of roads in Ward No.31 c) Improvements to Bapat Galli gym building and Kadolkar Galli building and construction of CC drain in Bapat Galli Belagavi3172553.69
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73798Package No.14: a) Improvements to road at Shastri Nagar 9th Cross and Nagajarinath Colony (DP School backside) in Ward No.19 b) Improvements of road at Kore Galli and Kacheri Galli main road and providing RCC gutter from Chougule Shinde to Hattiholi Galli and Kacheri Galli Corner (Entrance to Vijay Bakery) in Ward No.19 c) Recarpetting of road in Ward No.27 Belagavi d) Improvements to asphalt road at Goodhsed road Cross No.4 and Cross No.5 in Ward No.26, Belagavi.4396002.02
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73543Package No.16 a) Construction of RCC Gutter one side at Saraf galli shahapur in ward No.23 b) Providing RCC Gutter and CD at Acharaya Galli Part and Narvekar Galli Part portion, Shahapur in ward No.24 c) Providing Pavers road at Om 1st Cross Sub road, Acharya galli Sub road and Joshi mala 1st cross CD, Khasbag in ward No.23 d) Providing RCC Gutter at Dane Galli Part & Acharya Galli Part Shahapur in ward No.24, Belagavi.4391700.36
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73533Package No.13 a) Providing RCC Gutter at Maratha colony cross road left side in ward No.18 b) Improvements to road at Shivaji colony in ward No. 18 c) Construction of RCC drain at Jed galli in ward no. 20 d) Providing RCC Gutter and CD at Melage Galli corner to Kakeri chowk Khade bazar corner in ward No.20, Belagavi.4384156.59
DMA/2018-19/RD/WORK_INDENT73822Package No.12 a) Providing RCC Gutter at R.K. Marg Cross No.7, Cross No.8 and Ganesh marg Cross No.3 cross road at Hindwadi in Ward.No.16 b) Providing CC road at Anandwadi BP in ward No.16 c) Providing pavers road and CD work at Ranade road BP from Congress road to Vaccien Depo in ward No.17 d) providing pavers road and CD work at Roy Road and Agarkar road From Hambadkar House to Vaccien Depo Road in ward No.17, Belagavi.4798764.78
DMA/2018-19/RD/WORK_INDENT73527Package No.9 a) Construction of RCC Drain at Kalyan Nagar & Malaprabha Nagar left side from Dhavali house to Sontakki House in b) Re-carpeting to Dhamne Road from Rayat Galli BP to Teggin galli in w. no. 12 c) Re-carpeting to Dhamne Road from Vinod Chougule shop to Safar galli in w. no. 14, Belagavi.3191930.92
DMA/2018-19/RD/WORK_INDENT73517Package No.8 a) Re-carpeting to road at Brahma Nagar cross to Mangai Nagar 3rd cross & Providing CC road in front of Vishnu temple, from Aptekar house to Patil house in w. no. 11 b) Re-carpeting to road at Rajwada Compound 2nd cross from Yarmal road to Shahapur-Vadagaon Road in W. no. 11 in Belagavi.2192120.88
DMA/2018-19/OW/WORK_INDENT73509Package No.7 a) Construction of RCC Drain at Yarmal Road from Chatur plot to Shivgaesh Colony in w. no. 10 b) Construction of RCC drain at Sambhaji Nagar from Sattappache house to Ram Residency Apartment in w. no. 10, Belagavi.2197214.87
DMA/2018-19/RD/WORK_INDENT73502Package No.6 a) Recarpeting to Road at Mrutyunjay Nagar from Angol main road to Swimming pool in w. no. 8 b) Recarpeting to road at Fule galli from Yallur Road to Open space in w. no. 9 c) Recarpeting to Adarsha Nagar side of Rural Police station from 60′ road to Patil house & Adarsha Nagar 6th cross in w. no. 9 in Belagavi.3389304.83
DMA/2018-19/RD/WORK_INDENT73479Package No.4 a)Construction of RCC drain at Kurbar Galli infront of Tudayekar Building in w. no. 6 b) Providing CC Road at Shivashakti Nagar main road & Parallal Road BP infront of Gunjatkar house in 6 Belagavi.2192605.27


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