Marking for widening from 1st gate to Govaves

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The marking for road widening of Shukurwar peth; First gate to Swimming pool at Govaves was commenced yesterday. 1.79 Crores have been alloted for the project. The road will be widened to 60 feet from the current 40 feet.shukurwar-peth

About 18 buildings will face the hammer during the widening. About 10 feet space would be acquired on both sides.
The work on the same is expected to commence soon.
One side of the road has more of open space and only compound walls of a few buildings will have to be brought down. But on the other side there are about 18 buildings which will face the hammer and the corporation says that it is an encroachment.

3 thoughts on “Marking for widening from 1st gate to Govaves”

  1. Of course encroachment should be firmly dealt with . But at the same time all those officials who have either actively or passively supported these encroachments also should be dealt with and the penalty on the officials should be at least twice that of citizen , who have encroached up on . Today the problem is Govt officials who are paid out of Taxes contributed by public instead of working for public , they work for few !! . Hope Modi Govt reassures public that Gvt employees are truly public servants and not Masters .

  2. With a widening a Fly over should be constructed from Swaroop Plaza upto beyond Mandoli Road and a Single lane down towards IIND Gate on Congress Road as well as U turn behind Kalyani Sweets .

  3. The markings are wrong. They are not measured correctly. Nor they are evenly measured on both the sides. This is pure illegal damage to private property of citizens living there from past 50 years with legal housing documents.


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