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Pixuate – Cloud based Image Processing Technology Startup Launched

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is one of 10 Startups who were selected for “Startup Launch” at  bigMobilityConf held in Bangalore recently.

Pixuate bundles face recognition & analysis, image matching, object detection, advanced OCR – all into one simple web api interface. Currently located in Belgaum the Pixuate team is working hard on the product. Pixuate helps you to build image processing/computer vision based apps faster on any platform.Pixuate belgaum

Prathwiraj Palekar, CEO of Pixuate is an expert developer and dedicated manager, Prathvi is the driving force behind Pixuate. In more ways than one, Pixuate is his brain-child. He has been in love with coding since the age of 10. Learning C on a Celeron powered PC in school, he immediately took to it. He has only become better with time, acquainting himself with many software advances. Adept at coding for mobile platforms, he is proficient in Android and iOS. Joining Ruby IT Solutions after college, he soon stepped out to form his own company Cocoslabs in 2012. Since then he has been working on creating technology for the future.

Being well versed with cloud computing and mobile app development, Prathvi realized there was a potential idea where application developed on cloud architecture can support and run these use-cases better. After further discussion with many experts Prathvi decided to quit the job to pursue this idea.

AAB caught up with Prathwiraj Palekar and asked him a few questions:

What is Pixuate?

Prathwiraj Palekar ——-> Pixuate is an image processing platform bundling  face recognition & analysis, image matching, object detection, advanced OCR – all into one simple web api interface. Pixuate helps you to build image processing/computer vision based apps faster on any platform. Say Web, Tablet, Mobile, Smart TV, Google Glass, Oculus – we support them all. You can build apps for Android, iOS or Windows. You can build apps in any programming language of your choice

What does it mean?

Prathwiraj Palekar ——-> We can see the future of the world. Wearables are blending the fabric of the physical and the virtual. When your eye can be a camera and your brain a computer, you won’t need those heavy bricks in your hand called “smartphones”.But before the future arrives there must be a revolution. It will obsolete everything we know about technology. That is why we have created Pixuate. 

Pixuate is an image processing framework built for the future. Get a glimpse into the future, where technology is built around you and the developer is the architect. But even the most talented developer cannot work without the right tools. Pixuate is the framework he or she will need. It deals with image processing, the new paradigm of the computing world. You don’t need to learn whole new code. Pixuate packages all the technology into one place. Get face detection, feature detection, emotion detection, gender detection, license plate detection, image matching and optical character recognition out of the box. Pixuate is the developer’s door to the future. If you are one, you need to take it!

So this is for the Developers? What is in store for the common man?

Prathwiraj Palekar ——-> Pixuate is primarily a developer tool. It provided REST API’s that allow developers to integrate advanced image processing features (face-detection, emotion detection, gender detection, image matching, etc.) API’s work as additions. You don’t need to learn new technologies to use new features. Developers can simply “add” features by using the API’s. That way, as a developer, you can release an app with all our advanced Image Technology within just a month. Compare that with 7 to 8 months of trying to code the technology yourself. 

The common man will be very happy too. He or she doesn’t have to wait so long for their favourite app to get the cool, new “emotion detection” feature for instance. Also when Google Glass or similar devices become mainstream, then new apps have to be built to exploit all the awesome, new features. Developers can release their popular apps without having to recode everything. They can simply integrate their app with Pixuate API’s and they will be good to go!

Why did you choose to come to Belgaum for this project?

Prathwiraj Palekar ——-> As a startup we wanted to keep our cost minimum while we are at the initial stages. Hiring is one of the biggest challenges and we happened to get 3 talented people onboard through references from another IT company in Belgaum. We also got an world class shared office space(Thanks to Ajit Patil from Credence Information Services). All these happened just in a matter of a week, helping us focus on product development instead of other stuffs. However we do foresee having future office in Bangalore for various reasons.

How has been the response to this idea of Pixuate?

Prathwiraj Palekar ——-> Pixuate is technology for the future. As a result, there has been a lot of attention from the right crowd. We’ve had a lot of people asking about how they can integrate Pixuate in their own software. While United States/European companies are looking for our face authentication technology, India companies are looking more for our OCR & Object Detection Technology. We are happy that people instinctively see the potential in Pixuate and are eager to learn more about it. 

So are you looking for Funding or what is your source of funding?

Prathwiraj Palekar ——-> We are already generating revenue with paying customers. We are currently looking to grow the company and exploring funding opportunities too. We intend on scaling up in the coming months and are hard at work to reach the right people. 

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  1. Really Excellent Article.Thanks To Team For Posting Such Article.All the Best to Prithvi Sir For Pixuate Project.Really Nice Approach and Idea.Feeling I also Want to Be the part of Pixuate.


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