No housing layouts within 1-km radius of Suvarna Soudha

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There were some misleading ads in the media about a 100 acre land near the Suvarna Soudha where a housing colony would be established near Halga-Bastwad.

Tahsildar of Belgaum has cautioned and told the public at large that is no 100 acre land nearby Suvarna Soudha and the ads are misleading.

The Tahshildar further clarified that there was no such land anywhere near the Suvarna Soudha. Land would never be converted for non-agricultural purposes and there was no proposal in this regard before the Revenue Department.

The Government has prohibited creation of housing layouts within a 1-km radius of the Suvarna Soudha he said.

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  1. Yep i heard about many ads though my friends at cheaper rates its like worth Investments
    but as its covered wit agriculture lang how can build stand stable
    many big Players are to involved in this

  2. One Big Player is Mantri developers 200 Acare land but as informed by News its true , nothing in 1kM immidate radius of Suvarna Vidhan Saudha….

  3. There is lot of cheating & Fraud growing among the Real Estate Deals. The Real estate dealers know the weak point of the public ,that every body needs a cheap and best house.The lands on which the Buildings are built do not have proper documents,the residents realise them only when the things are too late.The cases of a flat being sold to mere than a single person is not uncommon.It is also most unfortunate that the buyer does not verify the credentials of the flat they are buying because of the over excitement in purchasing it.It high time that Government make a rule to Register all Real estate Dealers,Builders enforcing strict supervision.

  4. frds if thats the case then why government is not takeing any action??? they also a part of it???. as you know the real estate agents boming the price like anything, bgm land prices are higher then the bangalore prices now days,. if anyone offer a little low amt people more exited to buy(sply middle class)


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