Get ready for a name change

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Bangalore will be renamed as Bengaluru, Mangalore as Mangaluru and our Belgaum as Belagavi along with other 9 cities in the state.

The renaming was first mooted about 6 years back by Jnanpith awardee U.R. Ananthamurthy. The state Government is now expediting the procedure for the renaming of the 12 cities in the state. A final notification is yet to be made and the same is expected in 6 months if all goes well.

belgaum saluteSurvey of India is one of the authorities to verify new names to be incorporated into survey records and maps and the government is seeking a clarification from them.

The Survey of India has already given a clearance and the high court has dismissed two petition’s objecting the renaming of Belgaum and Bangalore. But the state is still asking them if there are any more objections raised.

Old name – new Name

Bangalore Bengaluru
Mangalore Mangaluru
Bellary Ballary
Bijapur Vijapura
Belgaum Belagavi
Chikmaglur Chikmagluru
Gulbarga Kalburgi
Mysore Mysoru
Hospet Hosapete
Shimoga Shivamogga
Hubli Hubballi
Tumkur Tumakuru

As on date the process of renaming is on and officially it can be renamed only when the Gazette notification is taken out and the Governor signs the same and this could take anything between 5-7 months.

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  1. it is ridiculous to change the name of the city to belagavi…..see the cost involved in all this foolish exercise……All the names boards,letter heads and other paper work has to be redone……is it worth all this? NOT AT ALL!!

  2. aree…. band kara tumchi naatka!
    ‘Marathi-Konkani mansanca बेळगांव’ hey kayam बेळगांव mhanunacc olakhla jaail!
    आमच बेळगांव…. मराठी-कोंकणी बेळगांव!

    • Maharashtra Govt can change BomBay to Mumbai, then why not Karnataka Govt.Belgaum is in Karnataka and Karnataka Govt can change the name of the cities.I think you have forgotten in which state(Karnataka) ur staying.It will be better if you migrate to the states(Mah/Goa) you like and show ur Marathi spirit there:).

      FYI:there are many Kannada people staying in Solapur, Miraj , Kolhapur as well but they are protesting for anything(language place etc).Learn from Kannada people and adjust to the culture of the place where you are staying.

      • Correcting in my above comment .

        FYI:there are many Kannada people staying in Solapur, Miraj , Kolhapur as well but they are NOT protesting for anything(language place etc).Learn from Kannada people and adjust to the culture of the place where you are staying.

  3. This is what development is all about…….all Paper work development. First they should ensure economic development in all 12 cities.

    It is like as if change of name of a person after 65 years.

  4. I love my Belgaum, we have been living here since my fore fathers as far as I know, I also born & brought up here, now some new foolish people come up and going to change its name, anybody allow to change your surname by others forceably? Answer is No., then why we allowing to change our beautiful city name. My big vote for No change the name of my city.

  5. Many of the above commenters woke up for name change , Kris rightly commented on paper development…..first ask the govt for proper infrastructre in the city , no matter what name does it bare..Cities are identified by its charm and infrastructre and most importantly its people…..Sorry to say the people now in Belgaum get wake up call only for lanagauge issue and nothing else…

  6. its very gud decision by govt that its goin to renaming the belgaum as belagavi. all kannadigas proudly welcome this move from govt, but the govt has to take more reforms, more actions to strengthen the kannada language at border areas like bgm…..all sign boards, shop boards also be kannadalised in future in city

    • Being a border area, both languages and cultures must be encouraged equally. I have met many people from this area, but almost 99 % of them
      were marathi speaking and they were good natured. too I

  7. My mother-tongue is Kannada, but know Marathi equally well. None in my family or families of my Kannada friends ever referred Belgaum as Belagavi. I don’t know how calling Belgaum Belagavi will make it more Kannada. I have been hearing ‘Belagavi’ only recently. Most of the people in the N Karnataka region call it Belgaum/Belgaon, I don’t get the logic. Could anyone explain the origin of ‘Belagavi’?

  8. Dear Akshay, it is not like that, The name of Belgaum changed by Saint Hz. ASAD KHAN LARI (Camp dargah) he was changed the name when he was ruling, becuase that time Belgaum was facing lots of problem so, he changed the name ie, BE-LAGAM, means there will no lagam for this city for growth, little alteration done by British to LGAUM and became BELGAUM. this is the story. later marathi people call its Belgaon, Kannada people call its Belgavi, I want to remind all friends of Belgaum this name is not given by British., We love Kannada, Marathi, Urdu, but forcable we want to change any thing people will not accept, since more that forty year Belgaum is part of karnataka but still people of Belgaum is not accepting kannada launguage why. because we are forcing to learn, we have creat friendly envirnment to learn.

  9. Now its clear that even Karnatak Govt don’t want to settle the border dispute. It is fueling the burning issue for cheap political mileage.

    Shame…. Shame….

    • Belgaum should have been renamed BELGAVI loooong back.. We do not need anybodys permission to do so.BELGAVI shall remained as a part of KARNATAKA & will remain to do so forever. Wen Poona was renamed as PUNE & Bombay was renamed as MUMBAI nobody objected & was there no expenses to change the name & to do required paper work. It must have been much much more.

  10. Freak man so many comments on just City Changing name Issue
    i never saw these many comments on any Developments Posts
    just check out urself why are u guys fighting over here Fight for Developments Fight for Basic our Needs rather Languages Issue
    The more we fight Between Us more 3rd ppl wil take utilize it (politicians)
    God Bless Belgaum
    Your fate is no More than Language Issue or Border Issue
    you wil never be Developed til ppl like this around u who fighting against Language Issue
    The day ppl of thie city wil say that we are Belguamites You wil get New Face in World 🙂
    Love u Belgaum <3 🙂

  11. I welcome this move….

    @ Sandeep Chitale….

    If every one who stays in Belagaavi starts thinking like you… till now our city would have grown to the skies….

    Hats off….

    guys dont entertain comment from all those by provoking them by ur comments who dont like this move… 🙂

  12. @ Shakeel,

    Now, I knew the history behind Belgaum, unneccessorily people telling British has changed the name. Thank you for valuable information.

  13. Nonsense ppl will still call it BELGAUM !…the names on the highway may change to Belgalvi..who gives a rats ass to that !

    @shakeel : Can you provide any evidence on ur Be-Lagam theory..I could’t stop laughing on that one though – sorry 🙁

    Its not abt Marathi or Kannada….we don’t realize we are been fooled for all these years by both these parties….How will it benefit me if belgaum goes not maharastra ?…ask that question to urself…

    Lets stay in Karnataka…and hope fully Karnataka govt, will not force Marathi ppl to change their names in the near future…

  14. Friends let”s understand the logic of Democracy.. In Democracy Majority carries the Point .. and authority to change the name should be with the local governance elected by the citizens of the city.. in case of Mumbai to change name the City Corporation ( not Administration) has passed the bill to rename the city. If it is not done in case of Belgaum means its a Unidirectional thing against the wishes of the people belongs the city. Is Karnataka state Government is in fear of losing the battle over the city ? and hence trying to force what state want is ? Means is another injustice over local citizens of other languages.

  15. Belgaum should not be renamed Belgavi. It has sizeable population of Marathis. The dispute should be taken to the central govt. Being a border area, both languages and cultures must flourish side by side !. That is the best solution. Karnataka Govt. should not exert its high- handedness in the best interest of the people in this part .


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