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Cartoon channels blocked in the city by cable operators

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“All Animation channels are blocked as per order of DC”.

Doraemon, Chota Bheem are no more seen in most houses of Belgaum who have subscribed to the local cable operators, as Ridhi vsion and Vardaraj the two major cable operators have blocked the transmission of Cartoon channels. How ever one Kannada Cartoon channel Chintu TV is still being shown.

Parents associations and some other groups had given a memorandum to the DC and the cable operators some time back that transmission of cartoon channels be blocked during the exams season as the kids normally will watch only TV and will not study.

For the past 2 weeks transmission of cartoon channels has been blocked but this is not the case with the users who have DTH connections.cartoon

Nitin a banker told this blog, “I have a 1 year old kid at home and the only way to make him sit quietly is to show him Doraemon for 30 mins. In-fact even I like to see cartoon for about 15 mins after a days work as it acts as a great stress reliever as there is no logic behind it and one feels relaxed. I dont seem to understand why even I should not be able to see the Cartoon channels, this is not a fair decision on part of the cable network. Are these cable network folks going to pay me back some amount for not showing these channels?”

Another parent said, “Blocking of these cartoon channels is a very good decision as the kids now can easily concentrate on studies but at the same time made a mention of other activities which divert the mind of the children like the cricket matches, IPL would start in March, here also locally matches are being played so how does this really make an impact is to be seen.”

Prasad said “There are exams all the year round so all these channels should be banned, we have unit tests, semesters etc all the year round, so will these channels be blocked then as well, this is not correct and not fair as well, those who want to see they will see and these days all TV’s have some kind of parental lock, they should make use of it. And this is limited to cable network only, now a days many use DTH services where there is no control, then why this fuss?”

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  1. This is disgusting n insane… partents who cannot control their children want such things..

    I suggest you “partents supporting this” better remove Cable from your house rather than blocking cartoon channels and troubling the entire belgaumites.

    Stop being a comedy piece to the world 🙂 and Please unblock the cartoon channels at the earliest.

  2. I need Cartoon Channel if their kids have problem let they remove cable system from their home why should Rest all city Pay for it 🙁
    this month i m not gonna pay my cable operator full amount lets see what he answers it

  3. I don’t think blocking Cartoon channels is right. That clearly shows that parents do not have control on their child. The child has to learn it the hard way if it does listen to parents. Wake-up parents its time you make them listen to you, else you will have a tough time later. Today they are not listening to you from not watching cartoon channels during exam time tommorrow they will not listen to you for something else. What will you do then ? And coming to the DC order to stop cartoon channels is he or can he stop DTH Cartoon channels. No way is it ! Very simple the DC should have told the parents to control their child and make them listen. Simple isn’t it. I pity the Cable operators in this matter.

  4. I have a diffrent take on these cartoon channels. If you look at the cartoons like chota Bheem, doraeman etc, all are full of violence scenes. Todays cartoon shows have no moral stories they are all commerical in nature and giving scope to violence and unhealthy competition among the children. In stead of giving memorandum to DC it is better to write broadcasters to stop such shows.

  5. this clearly shows that parents cant sacrifise there mega sirials i mean if they realy wanted to aviod there children they would be diactivated there cable subsriptions or atleast switchen off there tv when there childrens are studing

  6. Summer is approaching. Kids like to play with water too. Now what, block water supply to everyone!!!

    Stop acting like foster parents to kids of others.
    Its each parents responsibility.

  7. I Think This Is A Debatable Decision Given By DC Of Belgaum. The Parents Need To Control Their Kids. Instead Of Stopping The Broadcasting Of Cartoon Channels, Parents Should Disconnect Their Cable Connection. If The Cable Connection Is Active, Mothers Watch Daily Soaps And Dads Watch Sports Channels. If Cable Is Disconnected Dads And Moms Can Utilise That Time What They Spend In Daily Soaps/Sports Channels In Kid’s Studies.

    Regarding Cable Operators, I Am Pretty Sure They Are Happy With This Decision, They Are Not Loosing Anything But Making Money Out Of This Decision.

  8. What is hell is wrong with watching cartoons? If someone doesn’t want their kids to watch cartoons they can disconnect their cable transmission. Such a stupid decision to take by the DC 🙁


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