No progress at the cricket stadium at Auto Nagar Kanbargi


love dale belagavi

The Karnataka Cricket Association international stadium at Kanbargi has not made any progress from the last time it was reported on this blog.

On May 13 2009 AAB had made a post What is this Construction


See the below pictures taken on 27-04-2010 almost a year later and no progress is seen. In fact last time there was some kind of work in progress now there are no signs of that as well.

Photo taken on 27-04-2010
Photo taken last year in May 2009

Why the work has been stopped is not known or has the project been scrapped?

Trinity Belagavi
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  1. iam very much thankfully to all the staff of ALL ABOUT BELGAUM.Daily i get new updates from this.I request u to continue it .

  2. One of my friends has been working on this project.
    There are some design issues which haven't been finalized yet.
    The project hasn't been scrapped.


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